How to Wear a Jumpsuit 3 Ways and Style Tips

3 Easy Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits became popular a few years ago. What was at first considered a trend has turned into a staple in many wardrobes, and I am here for it.

They are a sophisticated alternative to our standard jeans and cute top outfit formula. You can easily dress them up or down which is extra helpful when many of us are traveling or just have busy weekend schedules. 

Now that they have hit mainstream retail we get asked about them frequently.

Do you wear them to work or on the weekends?

Am I too short or tall to wear them? 

Why can’t I find the right fit?

What happens when I have to use the bathroom?

That last one always makes me laugh, it’s seriously the number one question I get in my inbox about jumpsuits. I haven’t figured out an answer other than, you pull it down and go? 

Anyway, potty breaks aside, I’m a fan. I like one step dressing and the relaxed and casual ease of a well-fitting jumpsuit. So today we are going to share a round-up of tips to find the perfect one for you, what to pair with it, and how to go from chic, to casual, to a dressed up evening. 

How to Wear a Jumpsuit 

Because jumpsuits have become more of a basic than a trend, there are a lot of options out there, and by “a lot of options” I mean a lot of bad ones.  Run for life away from baggy, drop crotch styles (yes, that’s a thing). Avoid the ones that look like pajamas, or are covered in a busy pattern with lots of ruffles and bows (also a thing). 

Focus instead on a reasonably priced classic style. Today we’re using an Eliza J jumpsuit that is under $100.

Plus size? Vince Camuto has an almost identical style. 

It’s reminiscent of a wrap dress but might be even more versatile. The v-neck top is flattering on everyone and the jersey stretch fabric is what makes it applicable across different categories of style. 

Find the Right Fit 

I feature a lot of Eliza J because of the price point, quality, size range, and fit. Regardless of what brand you purchase, keep a few things in mind: 

If you are only buying one and want the most versatile, go with a full-length wide leg. There are so many styles available, from tapered and skinny legs to wide cropped legs. We can make all these work in different ways, but the easiest to wear are the full lengths. 

Have the leg hemmed based on the kind of shoe you plan on wearing. If these are too short on you, you’ll lose the elegance of it, and it will seem awkward.

Be sure it fits well throughout. You want the waist to hit you at your natural waistline. There’s not a lot of wiggle room here due to the nature of the design so play around with different cuts and styles.

If the width of the leg seems too wide, you can have some of the fullness taken out by a tailor. It’s a simple alteration that will make a big difference in fit. 

3 Easy Ways to Style a Jumpsuit 

Date Night Outfit 

3 Easy Ways to Wear a JumpsuitJumpsuit, $98  |  Earrings, $32  |  Sandal, $45  |  Clutch, $55 

For a chic date night in the city when the temperature is warm yet comfortable, wear the jumpsuit as is. With the right combination of accessories, you can create a composed look that doesn’t involve layers or any fuss at all. 

This whole look is $200, and all the elements will get a lot of use throughout your wardrobe. How great is that?

I used whimsical tassel earrings by Madewell to keep the look from feeling too serious. There’s something about a tassel that feels more appropriate for the warm weather, so even though this look is all black, it doesn’t feel heavy and is seasonally appropriate

The open toe sandal helps keep the look light as well. They have a block heel which is important to help ground the look. It maintains the casualness, and the shape of the heel balances out the width of the pants. 

The more I look at this clutch, the more I love it. It has a high fashion feel for only $50 (aaaannd it just went in my shopping cart). I like that it complements the earrings in terms of shape, so you instantly create a cohesive look.  

Keep in mind, when you are creating a look for the warmer weather, you don’t have the option of adding many layers. Since that is what helps create depth and interest to a look, you have to be strategic about your accessories.

Casual on Vacation Outfit3 Easy Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit, $98  |  Jacket, $90  |  Clutch, $195  |  Sandal, $186  |  Earrings, $85 

Next up is a look I would wear on vacation. The jumpsuit is easy enough to pack because of the nature of the fabric. It also pairs with a range of other materials, like the denim jacket above

My idea here is you are going to dinner; your hair is pulled back in a low ponytail, or wrapped in a bun. You wear a bold-for-you lipstick and a few accessories. 

I just know people are going to ask about what to wear when it gets chilly. You could wear a denim jacket, or, you could carry a lightweight wrap, either one would work and will keep the chill off your shoulders.

This striped raffia clutch is perfect for making the outfit look vacation-y.  Looking for something less expensive? We’ve featured this straw clutch several times, and it would work just as well. 

Finally, I’m so happy with how the earrings work with the sandal. Again, this is how you create a cohesive look without adding layers. 

Dressed Up Evening 

3 Easy Ways to Wear a JumpsuitJumpsuit, $98  |  Jacket, $50  |  Pump, $60  |  Clutch, $160  |  Ring, $187 

Finally, if you have an after-work function, an evening event, a casual wedding or a cocktail party, you can wear a jumpsuit. 

To give the outfit a more grown up, or professional vibe, add a blazer for some structure. You could wear black like we have above, or white. I like how this blazer isn’t too stuffy. The sleeves are permanently ruched, and it has shape without looking like you took a suit jacket and paired it with a jumpsuit. 

For shoes, you can wear a pair of pointed pumps. A slingback would work well because the openness in the back keeps it feeling light, and that will work with the weight and drape of the pants.  Be sure here that the pants are puddling on top of the shoe to create a long line to your body.

Then grab a black evening clutch, I love this box style one by Sondra Roberts. Finally, have some fun and slide on a cocktail ring.  

Weekend Outfit Inspiration: A $35 Floral Dress Two Ways

Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Floral Dress Two Ways

I love the idea of taking a dress, in this case, an inexpensive one, and finding different ways to wear it.  Today’s post is a testament to buying multifunctional basics because, while the dress isn’t a staple, the supporting pieces are, and they are hanging in many of your closets. 

First, let’s talk about this dress. Once again, I’m pleasantly surprised by Old Navy. This under $40 dress has a universally flattering sweetheart neckline which is open without being low cut. This helps elongate the line of your body. 

If you are average height the length should be fine. For someone like me (I’m 5’10) it’s a little on the short side. Depending on where you like your hem to hit, a simple alteration to let the hem down will work wonders and is worth the extra cost – at most you’re looking at an additional $10 – $15.

Even though the dress is inexpensive, the quality is there, and the sophistication level can be elevated by incorporating some slightly better pieces.

Don’t love the pattern? It’s also available in three other prints, including a chic black and white dot that would easily slip right into these outfit ideas. All patterns are available in petite, tall and missy from an XS – XXL and from 1X – 4X here. 


Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Floral Dress Two WaysOutfit One:  Dress, $17.50  |  Jacket, $79  |  Sneakers, $50  |  Bag, $25  |  Hoops, $58

Outfit Two:  Dress, $17.50  |  Blazer, $78  |  Sandals, $275  |   Clutch, $51   |   Earrings, $100

We went casual for the first look.  I love a dress/denim jacket/sneaker combination. (You can see a version of me wearing it here.) 

Grab a denim jacket, like this one that I have by KUT from the Kloth, or this one by J.Crew. Either one is a classic that you will turn to for years.

Next, add a sneaker. The thing to remember here is that you are not wearing your gym sneakers. White sneakers are for outfits. Their slim profile and toned down styling balances out the weight of the denim jacket. These Keds have a subtle eyelet detail for some extra femininity. 

Finally, a modern gold hoop and a streamlined crossbody bag (for only $25) creates an easy yet pulled together outfit for the weekend or any time you want an alternative to jeans. 

The second look can take you from day to night with a few simple swaps.  Imagine you’re on vacation, you have a day of sightseeing in outfit one, and then with a quick stop back at the hotel, you could be ready for dinner in 5 minutes. 

We’ve featured this Eliza J. one button blazer several times this season. It’s been around for so long that I use to put it in clients dressing rooms, and I haven’t worked with private clients in almost five years. 

The cut and fabric pair perfectly with the dress.  It’s a true separate jacket, and you’ll get a ton of wear out of it

You could keep in your hoops or switch to these pearl earrings, another popular item from our last few weeks of posts. 

A straw clutch adds texture, and makes the whole look feel more “dressed.” If you love extra preppy goodness, you can even get it monogrammed. 

Finally, I added these block heel sandals from Via Spiga. I have a version of these from about three or four years ago, and they are still one of my most favorite, most worn and most comfortable shoes in my closet. They go with everything.  They’re more of a considered purchase, but I think they are well worth it considering how much wear I’ve gotten out of them. 

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Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Date Night Blouse

Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Date Night Blouse

Last Saturday Lauren and I, along with our husbands, headed to a party in the city. Our text exchange, while trying to get ready, started with, “What do people wear to parties?”, and “What do fun people wear?” 

Sad, considering I write a style blog, for a living, and Lauren helps me, but true. 

Quick back story: I met Lauren when she was roommates with my brother, Bill. Lauren and Bill were good buds, then she got married, and her husband became friends with Bill, and my husband, and now everyone is friends.

So this group circles around my brother, who is, infinitely cooler than me.

Bill, his wife and their friends mostly live in the city, they don’t have kids yet, and every time we see them, we have the best time.

Not wanting to look like suburban moms and maybe wanting to feel like the fun-loving, carefree girls of our youth on a rare, fun, late night out, we had to think about what we were going to wear because “country club chic” was not going to cut it. 

We pulled it off with a combination of joggers, skinny jeans and moto jackets, and had a blast, but it got me thinking about the need for variety.

Most of us don’t have a few pieces hanging in our closets that make us feel youthful and modern. Something that, when you put it, on you think, ” Yeah, I still got it.” 

So I started looking for some affordable tops to keep on hand, to throw on with a great pair of jeans, that makes me feel like myself. Something I could wear to get drinks and dinner in town and hang out past my bedtime.

That’s when I stumbled on this smocked, peplum blouse by Leith on sale for under $40.  There is still inventory across all sizes including plus, so scoop it up now if you like it. 


Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Date Night Blouse

Top, $35  |  Jeans, $39  |  Clutch, $99  |   Heels, $60  |  Earrings, $50

I like it because it feels both grown up and youthful. The color is sophisticated, and waist with subtle peplum is flattering across my midsection. This cut blouse works best with slim or skinny style jeans. 

And can we talk about these jeans for a minute? Because they are also under $40 without being on sale.  They have a high waistband which complements the cut of the blouse beautifully.  When you wear a loose shirt or one that drapes over your middle, it’s important to pair that with bottoms that sit under the blouse to allow it to drape. 

The jeans, by 1822 Denim, fit true to size and go up to a 34 waist (about a size 18). 

I didn’t want to go overboard with accessories or jackets and layers. That was a big part of our back and forth on Saturday, “Are you bringing a jacket?” “Is a blazer dorky?” 

You know we love a blazer and jeans but ultimately decided that yes, a blazer to this particular party would be dorky. 

To pull the look together, you want to find ways to incorporate the blush of the blouse without going too matchy-matchy.  Blush pumps add texture and color.  I went with a kitten heel by Steve Madden, currently on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $60.  

I wanted a black earring and found these by Kendra Scott in black and gold. Finally, the clutch combines all the colors in an edgy yet totally wearable python pattern

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Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Patterned Chiffon Dress

Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Patterned Chiffon Dress

Like Megan, I’ve been poking around H&M this Spring and I’m loving what I’m seeing. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of luck at H&M with blazers, dresses, and trendier sweaters. This patterned chiffon dress caught my eye because despite its bold pattern, it can be worn a couple different ways. 

Casual: Dress, $70  |  Jacket, $70  |  Crossbody, $55  |  Necklace, $42  |  Sandal, $90  |  Date Night:  Dress, $70  |  Hoops, $25  Stacking Rings, $32  |  Heels, $118  |  Clutch, $98 

I’m in love with this dress, which should not be a big surprise to those who know me. My wardrobe has a lot of zush. I love a bold pattern and gravitate towards silks and chiffons. Even though I am working hard on building up my basics, I would argue that this particular patterned dress is more practical than you would think.

When I was putting together these two looks, I realized that you have so many color options. I chose a rich brown bag and shoe to go with the casual look and white for the date night look, but you could easily choose nude-to-you shoes or a dark navy. It’s likely you already have something in your closet that goes with this dress. So even though it’s a bold print, you can change the look of it easily so that it’s not a one-hit-wonder. 

I would like to note that this dress might need some hemming, depending on your height. Check out Megan’s tips for the best skirt lengths. I am 5’6″, so I know I will need to take this up a bit so that it doesn’t hit me in an unflattering spot. 

For a casual look, I added a denim jacket, the same one I mentioned in my last post. I still have the denim jacket that my sisters’ bought me for my sixteenth birthday. Thanks to them for buying me a good quality one. It still looks perfect, only now it’s more broken in and has my name written in the inside from dorm life. Buy a classic shape and a good quality denim jacket like this one, because it will never go out of style and will only get better with age. 

To accessorize, I added a gold layered necklace which will look lovely with the V neckline of the dress. Add a cool circle crossbody bag and some comfy, yet cute flat sandals and you’re ready for your fun weekend plans. 

For date night, I paired it with the same white heels Megan featured in this post. I am a huge fan of Banana Republic’s Madison 12 Hour Pumps. Even though the heel is relatively high, I find them to be one of the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. I add a color to my collection each season. 

While we’re on the topic of Banana Republic, I would also like to express my love for their jewelry. They always have cute options and it holds up pretty well, considering its price point. I thought this floral statement ring was perfect for this dress; it picks up a bit of the floral motif in the chiffon.

To finish off the look, I added a sparkly inside-out hoop earring for under $25 and a simple white envelope clutch to round out the look. Believe it or not, but it was hard to find an attractive white clutch that had gold metal accents. Rebecca Minkoff to the rescue! It’s important to make sure you match your metals throughout your entire look so that you look cohesive and polished. 

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How to Wear Pink and Red Together

I love the on-trend combination of pink and red. It’s fresh, feminine and easy to pull off. Sometimes, pairing colors outside your comfort zone can feel overwhelming.

When I worked with personal style clients, it was a common question.

How do you know what goes together?

The good news is, it’s easier than you might think. You just need to have a basic understanding of the color wheel.

The color wheel was designed to show the relationship between hues. To know which ones are complementary remember the following:

On the color wheel ,colors next to, across from or at a 90-degree angle, will work together.

That’s why pink and red work so well together. They sit next to each other on the wheel, so you know it works.

For today’s post I was inspired by this picture I found on Pinterest.

Pink and Red Inspiration


How to Wear Pink and Red Together (in Real Life)

How to Wear Pink and Red Together

Pants, $28 | Sweater, Sold Out See below for more options | Clutch, $128 | Pump, $60 | Earrings, $38 | Bracelet, $45


You can wear today’s outfit inspiration anywhere, but we jazzed it up to make it date night/girls night/ Valentines day appropriate since it’s that time of year. To make it even better, all the pieces are budget friendly, under $100 each.

I started with these under $30 red pants from Old Navy. You can use red pants as a basic. It goes with tons of tops from a simple white tee and a denim jacket, a black and white striped boatneck, or a chambray button down, just to name a few.

To keep the look long and lean, wear the darker color on the bottom half of the outfit. I don’t usually “match” the shoe and the pant together when wearing a bold color, but here it works.

A block heel is comfortable to walk in without being clunky. I like these red suede pumps ($60) at DSW with a block heel and elongated toe. That’s important to continue the line of the leg. A slightly better quality option are these by Sam Edelman, or, if you need a lower heels, these (also at DSW) are under $50


A lightweight sweater in blush or a bold poppy pink is all you need to create the color block effect. The one above is sold out but I found several other perfect options: 



I reinforced the the tone with a cheerful pair of Kate Spade earrings and a Kendra Scott bracelet on sale.

Finally, a black glitter clutch is unexpected. You could absolutely carry a neutral, or an animal print bag would be fun too. I like how the black grounds the look and the glitter adds some whimsy.

Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Faux Leather Leggings

Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Faux Leather Leggings

Looking for an alternative to jeans for dates nights or the rare evening out with girlfriends?  Consider a pair of faux leather leggings. I know your first instinct is to think they are not for you, but if you wear traditional black leggings, you can wear these. And, despite what you may think, your dress size and age don’t matter at all.  All you need is a place to go.

Of course, you don’t have to wear them if you don’t like them.  I happen to like them very much. They are a saucy alternative to jeans, and after spending most of last year feeling very much like an alien invaded my body, saucy sounds fun right now. They are not so much a basic, but you can wear them the same way. I call these “second level basics.”

What makes these special is the impact of the fabric. The look of faux leather adds edge and an element of texture.  With the right combination of separates, the look can be both casual and elegant, and edgy yet approachable.


Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Faux Leather LeggingsLeggings, $98  |  Pumps, $50  |  Tank, $59  |  Cardigan, $20  |  Clutch, $20  |   Earrings, $38

The pants are by SPANX. They have great stretch and tummy control. I know they look like a pair of scuba pants, but in person they are much more subtle.  Some people love SPANX, some not so much.  I’ve always liked their quality and fit so I don’t minding spending here.  I’ll also wear them enough to get value out of the price. If you want something similar for less, try these Hue leggings on sale for $25 at Nordstrom Rack.

I’m using the Banana Republic drapey tank we featured last week here, only in ivory. You will wear this all the time: under a blazer, with a pair of jeans, or like we have it here, as a base layer for a modern nighttime look. You could also use the J.Crew Factory Drapey Tank that so many of you already own.

I love playing with contrast in a look like this, so when you have something like the leggings, that are bold and edgy, I pair it with something on the other side of the spectrum. Here, it’s an oversized, cozy, unstructured cardigan (that’s only $20). It’s long enough to cover your bottom but not so long that it looks like a bathrobe. Pieces like this are my favorites because you can wear it dressed up, or on your sofa with pajama bottoms.  Talk about versatility.

Then, finish the look with some thoughtful accessories.  The shoes are a classic, suede pump with a higher-than-what-we-usually-work-with-heel. My friend Neen calls heels like this “valet shoes.” All you have to do is walk from the valet to your table.

If they are too high for you, something lower works just as well.  The most important element is the pointed toe.  They are the best complement for a “dress” legging since they help extend the line of your leg.

STYLE NOTE: When you’re wearing a longer cardigan or jacket you do want to wear a shoe with some kind of heel to help bring balance to the look. Otherwise, the layer will overwhelm you, regardless of your height. 

This inexpensive fold over clutch is only $20 at TJ Maxx.  It’s a great example of a super wearable leopard print. Here, it works as a neutral and ties all the colors together. You could also carry a black clutch or a gold one. Even better if it has something extra to it, like some quilting detail, cool hardware or a statement shoulder strap.

Finally, lovely little earrings that “dance” when you move.  These are so sweet, they could be part of your every day rotation. Keeping your jewelry simple here is important. The leggings take up a lot of the look, and the clutch is bold.  If you were to add big jewelry, or lots of layers, you run the risk of looking overdone.

And no one wants that 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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Wear to Work: Holiday Cocktails

Wear to Work: Holiday Cocktails
Wear to Work: Holiday Cocktails

I’m someone who loves a good party but the holiday office party was never my favorite. They always felt like more, well, work then I ever wanted to do after a long day in the office. I remember one I had to go to when I was at my last corporate job before I started my own business. It was at the massive home of our VP and was hour after excruciating hour of forced conversations.

Then there was one in NYC for my husband’s company that I was pregnant with our oldest for and possibly the only sober person in Manhattan. No one really knew each other and it was just awkward.

But this time of year you might have to suck it up and attend your own, your spouse’s or a celebration for a client or your network or industry.

I was trying to think about what I would wear if I had to go to an event that was festive but still professional. Cocktail dresses are often too much, and you don’t want to go in what you typically wear to the office.  This is what I came up with, and I have to say, now I wish I had somewhere to go!

Wear to Work: Holiday Cocktails

Blazer (Missy and Petite), $99 (Plus Here)  |  Heels, $57  |  Pants, $150  |  Clutch, $72  |  Tank, $30  |  Earrings, $142

Everyone should have a velvet blazer in their closet.  It’s not a basic, but rather a second level staple.  You can wear how we have it styled here, over a cocktail dress, or with jeans and a tank.  This one from Halogen is under $100, available in all sizes.

I paired it with a classic pair of tuxedo pants.  They look off black in the photo, but they are true black. The straight leg style is elevated with a satin waistband making them just different enough from your typical work pants to feel special.  To balance the weight of the blazer, I used a velvet pump. These Marc Fisher pumps look so much more expensive than their $57 price tag.  For special occasion shoes I go one of two ways.  I either spend big (I splurged on a pair of gold Jimmy Choo’s a few years ago and reach for them all the time) or I spend under $100 and use them like a novelty.

To keep the look elegant but still holiday appropriate subtle sparkle is in order.  This pewter and gold clutch is pure perfection.  I would carry it in my hand, but it has a shoulder strap so you can stay hands free.  These pewter button hearings go without matching too much.

For under the blazer, I went with an effortless silk blend tank from H&M.  You’ll keep the blazer on so all you need is something between you and the jacket.  No need for anything sparkly or shiny, the elegance of the outfit is in the play on textures of the shoe, pant, jacket, and accessories.