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Bye, Summer. Hello, Fall.

It was a great summer, and while it isn’t technically over, the second we get home from the beach, it’s over for me.

Of the 52 weeks in the year, last week and this week are my least favorite.

My oldest started her junior year last Thursday, too early in my opinion, but if one is back in school, we’re all back in school, you know?

Then my middle starts next week, and our little one returns the following week.

It’s an excruciatingly slow process of returning to a routine. It feels like we are in a holding pattern.

And, on top of all the craziness, we came home from the shore last Saturday, and that Monday, my husband started a brand new job. It’s a great opportunity, and we’re really grateful, but it’s also the first time he’s had to commute to an office in over a decade.

Two thumbs down.

We have both worked from home since long before COVID. For years, our kids didn’t even realize we worked.

It was a GIFT.

So I’ve been flying solo with the kids, getting us back-to-school ready, managing everything, and missing the extra set of hands we need to keep this ship moving smoothly.

Anyway, it hasn’t been pretty, but I have also been working and getting a jump on our fall content.

This business constantly changes, and as we continue to grow, I’m always trying to establish new systems and rhythms to keep us on track.

The biggest challenge we currently have is how to manage the time we need to create daily content and the time we need to work on longer-term business growing projects.

There is so much behind the scenes work that goes into what probably look like a simple feature, that I literally run out of time.

I’m always working on the immediate deadline, pushing bigger projects off.

I could work 24 hours a day and still not get everything done.

I absolutely need help and am hoping we can start hiring a team by years end.

This weekend is a great time to for me to get a little ahead, schedule out our first few weeks of content (we have lots including a new format for our Outfit Formulas), clean up some outstanding backend work, and place orders for the new seasonal items I want to review.

I’d also love to go through some of the questions and suggestions you have!

So if there is anything you would like to see in our upcoming features, pop them in the comment section below.

And we’ll drop our first piece of fall content on Tuesday, September 5th.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

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Thursday 31st of August 2023

The posts most valuable to me identify sales and wardrobe finds at I don't have to sift through their entire website. I particularly look for petite styles.

Marianne Van Sant

Thursday 31st of August 2023

I would be interested in knowing how celebrities and women with unlimited resources and the ability to purchase as often and as much as they like edit and curate their wardrobes. I have a problem knowing how to edit each season on a limited budget and resist purchasing more and more, so I'd like to know how it's possible to do this when one has an unlimited budget. How do they restrain themselves.... or do they?


Thursday 31st of August 2023

Absolutely love all of your content! I'd like to second a request for information on colors/seasons/palettes. I know when I wear some colors I look better, but I'd appreciate your expert advice!


Thursday 31st of August 2023

Oh, how I feel your feelings! They trigger lots of memories for me back when my husband traveled 25 percent for business. I worked full-time, managed the house and our daughter and volunteered as a Girl Scout leader. I hit the ground running at warp speed every single day. You are an amazing woman doing an incredible number of jobs! Keep breathing and know how much you are appreciated. xo

Lynne Greenwell

Thursday 31st of August 2023

Hi Megan I just wanted to let you know that I really look forward to your emails, body typing, closet organizing, outfits, etc. I have ordered from many of the sites you have suggested. I have edited my closet for my "real life" and donated/discarded many of the things that I don't wear. If I need to wear a dress and can't find one I want to wear in my closet what is the point. I have wasted money on "deals" and only worn them once if that. I am also a 00P and it is really hard to find things that aren't "old lady". I love Loft and Banana Republic Factory. It is difficult to raise a family and work! Don't push yourself too much - we will all be here waiting patiently for your content when it is ready. Thank you for what you do - it makes fashion fun and accessible to everyone! I have told many friends about THE WELL DRESSED LIFE!


Thursday 31st of August 2023

Hi Megan! Best of luck with everything ramping up this fall! I would be interested in a professional capsule wardrobe this fall :) (and everything else you share with us!)

Fiona Whitley

Thursday 31st of August 2023

Hi Megan, I'm in the UK and love your newsletter. I've been told that I'm a Dramatic Classic /Inverted Triangle which was easy when I was working & "suited & booted" but now I've retired I don't want to look very formal. I'm not sure how to honour the spirit of those classifications without looking either dull or wacky! Any ideas warmly welcomed.

Amy Mauser

Thursday 31st of August 2023

My most immediate need with cooler weather are jeans! What is the current style and where can I find them?

Thank you.

Carolyn DiPlacido

Thursday 31st of August 2023

Hi Megan,

Your blog is so good and whatever I’ve ordered has been a win. I recently had my colors done (warm spring). Can you do some posts down the road on this and some options?

Thank you, Carolyn


Thursday 31st of August 2023

You are the best, Megan! Whatever you do for us and how much you do is always appreciated. Keep up your self-care and continue being an inspiration to us all.

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