Basics Building: The Perfect Cashmere Sweater

Today, we continue our series, Basics Building. We’re using some of the time we have staying safe at home to walk through our Wardrobe Checklist. In each post I’ll offer my pick for one of those must-have items. 

I’m prioritizing the order of these posts based on the season, inventory, and need. As usual, all of my recommendations are based off my personal experience. I don’t work or represent any of these brands.

Think of it like this, if you were one of my personal shopping clients, these are the pieces I would have put in your dressing room. Fun, right?

As we work through the checklist you’ll start to build a modern, yet timeless wardrobe. 

For this post, I highlighting, perhaps, one of my favorite sweaters of all time, the Everlane cashmere crew.

It’s fabulous.

Everlane Cashmere Crew

Everlane Cashmere Sweater

Sweater, $100  

Cashmere is one of the best kinds of little luxuries, isn’t it? 

You can wear a simple cashmere sweater with your best pair of black pants to the office, and with cut off shorts at the beach. It’s the epitome of my own personal style: classic, relaxed, and subtly refined. 

But, as with everything, prices can be all over the place. So let me break this down: you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get high quality. Just in organizing this post, I found several cashmere options over $400.

That is stupid. 

In all categories of clothing you reach a point where price has nothing to do with quality. Over the years brands and retailers have been living on another plant when it comes to what they are trying to charge women, especially for basics.

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And don’t get me started on how their prices sky rocketed as their level of service sunk into the gutter. 

Perhaps, I’m getting old and more conservative with my money (these are both true). I am, however, very willing to pay for things that will last, and even happier to pay for service and ease of transaction. 

Everlane checks all those boxes. What I like the most about them, aside from their clean and modern design, is their prices are what they should be.

As a company, they focus on ethical manufacturing and transparent pricing. 

High Quality, Fair Price

Everlane Cashmere Sweater

Sweater, $100  Available in 15 colors, in sizes XXS – XXL

The fact that this sweater is $100 is incredible. The cashmere is what is called “certified grade A” which is the highest quality you can get. It’s often touted as the reason for the high retail costs for other brands.

And, they source (ethically) from Mongolia, which, again, is the premier location that tends to drive up the base costs. 

So what does this mean? Basically, you’re getting all the high designer talking points at a fair price. 

Size-wise, I find Everlane, in general, runs true, and sometimes a little small. Be sure to check your measurements against their size guide.

This specific sweater has a relaxed fit, it shouldn’t cling to you, or feel oversized in any way. It’s not a super heavy sweater, this is a lightweight, thinner knit that you can wear all year long. 

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Recommendations are based on my experience as a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant for over a decade. I worked with busy, down-to-earth women who wanted to look chic and feel confident but were often confused by so much of retail. 

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Basics Building: The Perfect Cashmere Sweater

10 thoughts on “Basics Building: The Perfect Cashmere Sweater”

  1. Love this recommendation Megan! I ordered 2 (in Navy and Charcoal 🙂 Great price! These are classic & timeless sweaters that can even be worn now – as we are having a cooler than normal Spring in the Northeast!

  2. I haven’t purchased from Everlane yet. Maybe this will convince me to. I’ve had good luck with cashmere from both Garner Hill and Charter Club/Ralph Lauren through Macys. Both generally offer a classic style in several colors with decent pricing.

  3. Hi Sandy,
    I can’t wear cashmere because to me it is just as itchy as wool. I so wish I can but unfortunately any type of wool including cashmere even in the smallest percentage is a big time “itch factor” for me.

  4. For those of us who cannot wear cashmere (a different Sandy then the one who asked the original question – but one who breaks out in a rash if I wear wool, including cashmere, nonetheless), what to you recommend in place of cashmere for a similar look and feel? I mostly stick with cotton and/or silk but nothing looks quite the same as a beautiful thin-gauge cashmere sweater!

  5. Megan, I know you’re tall too, how do the sleeve lengths run? I end up pushing up the sleeves in so many of my sweaters. I’d love to find a good one that actually fits!


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