Basic Building: Birdies The Starling Loafer

Let’s get right to it: I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE SHOES.

We do a lot of entertaining at my house. Nothing formal, but there’s always a lot of wine and many cheeseboards. Nothing makes me happier than challenging my inner Ina, turning on the fireplace, playing music, and hanging out with friends around the kitchen island.

There’s real magic in opening your home and feeding the people you love. Over the years, I’ve learned the hard way: the more relaxed you are as the host, the better the night goes. So I’ve created my own routine when we have guests over to avoid reinventing the wheel each time.

There’s a place for everything, the drinks are self-serve, and the food is yummy but straightforward. I light some inexpensive candles, put out grocery store flowers, and I’m done.

But, the biggest challenge I had was getting dressed, specifically, what shoes to wear.

I want to look casual but not sloppy, and festive but not formal, especially this time of year. So everything I wanted to wear, from skinny jeans to velvet pants, required a shoe not practical for at-home entertaining.

I often ended up in my Rothy’s (which I still love), but I even kicked them off after several hours standing in the kitchen and ended up barefoot. Not ideal.

Then I discovered Birdies, a “stylish flat that’s secretly a slipper” and immediately ordered a pair. They are exactly what you want to wear whether you’re hosting at home, or a guest at your neighbors, or visiting family etc. 

This post is NOT sponsored, I just love them. 

Birdies The Starling Loafer


Birdies The Starling Loafer

The Starling Loafer, $95 

Birdies were founded by two moms who shared a passion for bringing family and friends together at home. Frustrated after years of hosting barefoot or in frumpy slippers, they created Birdies. They were initially designed as a comfortable and stylish slipper for home entertaining.

Umm, hello, they are geniuses!

The thing is these are so chic you can wear them anywhere. And I do. 

A Stylish Flat That’s Secretly a Slipper

Birdies The Starling Loafer

They offer so many options; to keep it simple and try them out, I went with The Starling Loafer.

The Starling is my favorite because the profile is slim and elegant, definitely the most versatile of their collection. You can wear them for anything from working to entertaining at home. 

The black velvet is ideal for this time of year. I like them with skinny or straight-leg jeans and a black turtleneck. You can also wear them with leggings (or faux leather leggings!) and a tunic top or sweater. 

If you picked up the J.Crew Factory Velvet pull-on pants from yesterday’s post, these would be perfect for them. I’m planning on wearing that as part of my outfit for Christmas Eve. 

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Basic Building: Birdies The Starling Loafer

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  1. I totally understand this post as I do a lot of hosting, and often end up in my crocs or slippers. It looks so dumpy, but when you are up fetching and fixing, heels aren’t going to cut it. Going to someone else’s house means I get to wear cute shoes. Thank you for the recommendation on Birdies – I will check it out! I love your posts!


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