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Ask The Well Dressed Life

Ask The Well Dressed Life

Hi, Friends!

The Well Dressed Life has always been a community fueled platform, and I considered my relationship with our readership to be what sets us apart from other sites.

So periodically, I like to check in and open up the comments for all of your questions. 

Not that you can’t ask questions at any time 🙂 

This is just a great opportunity to let you know what to expect this year, and to hear from you so I can fill our editorial calendar with the solutions, inspiration and recommendations you are looking for. 

First, a few thing to cover based on regular questions and feedback:

1. For years I’ve included plus and petite options in every single post. These days all sizes sell out quickly, but we feature inclusive options daily. IF there isn’t an option, it’s because it’s not available. But if you are petite or plus, you could wardrobe yourself with our recommendations. 

2. I live on the East Coast and I follow the seasons accordingly and feature mostly U.S. based retailers. 

3. The ads on this site are a vital revenue stream and I cannot remove them. They allow me to maintain my integrity with sponsorships and paid partnerships and still make a living.  Think of them like ads in a magazine. You have to flip through them to get to the articles. 

4. While I appreciate all styles, my goal is to help you create a modern, classic, and traditional-with-a-twist wardrobe. So if that’s what you love, you’re in the right place 🙂 

5. Finally, I try really hard to balance price points knowing that everyone has a different budget. In one post you may see a pair of jeans for $200, in another, I’ll offer a $35 option. This site is designed to build out a wardrobe, and each post is only one piece in the depth of our content. 

Next! Here’s what to expect in 20222:

We’re following a wonderfully organized content calendar. 

Every Monday is What to Buy at where I highlight top picks based on everything I know about our community, from popular retailers’ new arrivals.

Wednesday is How to Wear, where I show you two – three outfit ideas using the most popular pieces from the week before.

Thursday is our new Outfit Formula Series where you’ll receive a new formula every week featuring a key wardrobe piece totaling 52 new outfit ideas by the end of the year. 

And on Sunday I share Sunday Sales, the weekly best sellers and sale alerts, which has become our most popular post of all time. 

You’ve probably noticed that I repeat items in posts over a few weeks. This is very much intentional.

I analyze our top-sellers and make sure to mix them into as many outfits as possible so you see how easy it is to create a versatile wardrobe. 

Remember, I write these posts as if I was emailing a client advice and showing her how to wear what we bought together. 

We’ll continue to sprinkle in content sharing style tips, round-ups, beauty recommendations and tips, and some home organization ideas. 

One Friday a month I’d like to feature a Q&A, where you can ask questions and get specific answers. So let’s start that today!

In the comments below, Ask Me Anything. ANYTHING, whether it’s a request for an Outfit Formula, a retailer you’d like me to feature,  or a specific question and I’ll either feature them in one of our series or answer it directly right here, starting next Friday. 

And stay tuned because we have some fun not-so new projects on the horizon that I had to put on pause because of all things COVID, starting with the relaunch of our Capsule Wardrobes in March! 

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Our Content is Inspired by Our Readers

Our readership inspires all of our posts and is not sponsored or paid for by brands or retailers. 

Recommendations are based on my experience as a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant for over a decade. I worked with busy, down-to-earth women who wanted to look chic and feel confident but were often confused by so much of retail. 

Some links are affiliate links, which means if you purchase via our site, we receive a small commission.

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Saturday 26th of February 2022

As I have aged, I have gained weight, lost my waistline and my skin on my arms and legs sags. In addition, I am short so now I look a bit shapeless. I am having a hard time finding dresses that are flattering (the flowing midi dresses look like maomaos on me) and pants that are NOT high rise (they go to my boobs.) Any suggestions for older women (60) who still want to look good but are not in prime shape would be appreciated:)


Friday 25th of February 2022

Thank you so much for all you do. I really enjoy reading your post and have learned a lot. Life got busy ( my interior design biz, and other personal matters) so, I wasn’t able to do the last wardrobe challenge, but I continue to purge as I buy new things. Keep up the good work! We are listening and learning.


Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

Belts - going through my pins I found that so many outfits I like usually include the finishing touch of a belt. I do wear one almost every single day and realized this is an accessory worth investing in. Any suggestions for how to choose a quality belt? Any formulas for belt width, color, etc? I love a wide belt with dresses and skirts. I'm a tall rectangle so I find that it helps give some definition.

Thanks for all your content. I love the sections on dressing for your body type and how inclusive you are with sizing. (I have to order tall sizes.) I usually go back to your posts before I invest in a good piece.

Best wishes as you launch into 2022.


Sunday 20th of February 2022

What time of year is the best time to shop for/buy certain items? I feel like I'm always looking for bathing suits in July and mittens in February.


Saturday 19th of February 2022

Thank you for your great info and instilling confidence. More info on how to dress body types would be very helpful, like how to camouflage a muffin top.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.