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Ask The Well Dressed Life, Issue 1

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You may have noticed this year, we are launching new additions to our content every month. And since it’s the first Friday of March, let’s premier another one, our new monthly feature, Ask The Well Dressed Life. 🙂

Last month, we asked for your questions and you had dozens!

So, if you have a question you’d like me to answer, simply add it to the comments below. I’ll either answer it here or use it to inspire an individual post. For example, stay tuned for a round-up of dresses perfect for the spring wedding season, by popular request.

Today we’re talking about whether you should have your colors done, maternity clothes, scarves, and the constant battle to find seasonal tops with longer sleeves.

Here we go …

Hi Jude,

I think the more you understand the fundamentals of getting dressed, the more intuitive and easy it becomes. So learning about fit and alterations, how to dress your body type, and in this case, personal color, can be incredibly beneficial.

But I do I think it’s a must?

I certainly think it’s helpful to know what looks best on us; I just find that sometimes, the guidelines you receive when you get your colors done can be limiting.

However, many readers have had their colors done and found it helpful.

So if you choose to do it, I would work with someone local and in person. A quick google search in your part of the country should give you many options. Read reviews and only work with some you connect with.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to do it on your own or buying a book because it can be pretty confusing. Color Consultants go through a depth of training and are accredited and should be able to easily explain the process and results.  

And remember not to be so prescribed with it. For example, a color consultant would tell me to stop wearing so much black, but that’s never going to happen; I love it 😉

I would, however, HIGHLY recommend finding a makeup artist in your area and having them help you learn about the right products, colors, and applications for your makeup.

Especially as we age, understanding how to highlight our best features with skincare and product, I think, from a color perspective,  THAT will have a more significant impact, at least to start. 

Thanks for your question!

Congratulations, Angelique!

I hope you are well and feeling ok!

Every pregnancy is different, but I found, consistently with all of mine, that only buying clothes when I needed them was the best strategy, even though it goes against everything I preach.

It is such a pain in the neck, but it helps prevent you from overbuying. 

With my third pregnancy, I was working a lot, traveling, and had a lot of events in my second and third trimesters. 

Here’s what I did: 

I bought bottoms at Nordstrom and a lot of basics from Old Navy and H&M, and always searched A Pea in the Pod for sales on tops and dresses. 

For special and interesting pieces I had a lot of success with Rent-the-Runway. I ordered a TON from their maternity collection, from dresses for work to cocktails. It was super helpful. They also include non maternity but “bump-friendly” pieces, so the variety was great. 

My best tip for anyone trying to wardrobe a bump is to keep your basics simple and use tops and layers to create different looks. 

And make sure you treat yourself to blowouts and manicures and wear your favorite jewelry every day. 🙂 It’s those little details that help you feel like yourself. xx

Thank you so much, Mary!

Hearing that really does brighten my day. And, as a side note, our next challenge starts on April 8th to get us ready for the spring and summer.

So, for scarves, yes, absolutely, they are always in style. But here’s the thing, the pattern and style do matter IF you care about staying current and modern.

For example, we are not seeing many chunky knit infinity scarves anymore or heavy plaid blanket scarves.

Instead, the updated version of them are  oversized wraps and poncho styles in the cold weather.

Since scarf patterns and colors follow general style trends, there are LOTS of neutrals right now that focus more on textures rather than print.

And, speaking of print, because the 90s are trending too, you’ll see silk squares in bold prints, think Hermes-inspired patterns and smaller scale prints on bandana-sized scarves.

If you have some vintage designer scarves, pull them out of storage and start incorporating them into outfits build around better neutral basics. 

As for elbow length tops, as you said, they are really hard to find, since most end right above your elbow.

You’ll want to look for a “bracelet length” sleeve. I found a few, like this one from NYDJ, and a pattern from Vince Camuto, and finally, the brand CeCe will have some options for you as the season progresses, like this new style they have at Nordstrom in a few colors

Talbots will also have some offerings, like this summery white and black blouse. 

You may want to consider altering some long sleeve tops to the length you prefer. You’ll end up giving yourself more options, and the cost to take a sleeve up is minimal. 

 I hope that helps and I’ll keep my eye out for others 🙂 

Keep your questions coming! Drop them in the comments below: 

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Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

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Elizabeth Falkner

Saturday 5th of March 2022

I've enjoyed your posts for almost a year now! Since I don't see any 'Cardis' or Cardigans, I'm assuming they are out? I tend to run chilly and always seem to need a little something to keep me comfortable. Thanks!


Saturday 5th of March 2022

Hello! I really enjoy your blog and have learned a lot from it. I just recently read about The Original Makeup Eraser reusable face cloths and was wondering if they really work with just water. Have you tried them? Thanks!


Tuesday 8th of March 2022

@Terry, I was skeptical of them too but my daughter gave me one for Christmas 2020 and I love it! They really do remove makeup with only water -- even mascara. I haven't tried it with waterproof mascara though. You can get other brands of these cloths on Amazon for less money. I bought a pack of 3 so I can rotate/wash them more conveniently.


Saturday 5th of March 2022

Love reading your work, fashion isn’t my strong suit and you make it fun and easier! Any suggestions for bras a fit and fun 40 year old woman would love? I want to spend money at a more inclusive and body positive place than Victoria’s Secret. I’d love to find a nude to me bra that won’t show under a thin layering top.

Tracy Gray

Saturday 5th of March 2022

I love these question and answers. Good questions and some I wouldn’t have even thought of like color analysis. Looking forward to the next ones!


Saturday 5th of March 2022

Hi and thank you so much for giving us the WDL! I am a “newbie” and working through my overflowing closets. My question is: shoes/boots/sandals- what are the core classic ones to keep? I have so many and most I don’t know if I look foolish wearing. I googled 2022 shoe styles and only saw runway styles that aren’t my taste or style at all! Clogs? High heeled knee boots? Flat sole knee boots? Blocky heels? Skinny straps? Peep toe shoes & boots? Round toe? Square toe? Pointy toe? Hating my lack of style knowledge 😣


Saturday 5th of March 2022

Good Morning, I want to thank you your advice. I look forward to your posts and seeing how to incorporate them. I am a middle school science teacher. I stand and walk all day on a concrete floor and have duty where I walk on blacktop. I also have to wear a "spirit shirt" twice a week. This is an ugly logo shirt with our school name and mascot. Not flattering. Could you suggest ways for teachers to elevate their style? I get tired of wearing jeans and tennis shoes. I also want to make that t-shirt elegant. :) Thanks for your help.

Shaun Smith

Friday 4th of March 2022

Hi Megan, I find your advice so helpful! Thanks for introducing me to new looks and new brands. Just bought the olive green jeans highlighted this week. Nice jeans for a good price!

I anticipate several summer events that will lean more casual than weddings and charity parties. Since I am a short, round woman in my 60's, I prefer longer sleeves and avoid shorts and capris. Would love to see a feature on what to wear to casual, festive events such as dinner with friends or children's birthday parties.



Friday 4th of March 2022

Jeans. Oh goodness. Every pair with zip fly makes my tummy look huge and I actually have a very flat stomach. Is there a remedy for this?


Friday 4th of March 2022

I'm petite, 5'4", busty hourglass with thick thighs and ankles. My calves aren't well- defined. Shorts and the dreaded capris look terrible on me. I desperately need bottoms. I love a flare/bootcut, but am unable to wear heels to lengthen the look. I need ideas for summer/beach wear, such as linen pants (what length & style?) I have a 28" inseam for bootcut jeans. I have skirts & skorts that work, but specifically need casual pants. Thank you!


Friday 4th of March 2022


Hi Gayle, I am in the same boat as you! Capris look terrible on me or anything that doesn’t come all the way down my leg! I desperately would like to have a couple of great shorts to wear during the summer months when it gets so hot. Hopefully she will suggest some shorts.


Friday 4th of March 2022

Hi Megan, I so appreciate your advice! Reading the question about scarves made me wonder about other trends and whether they're out of style now or not. Specifically, the cold shoulder top and peep-toe boots. I thought both were on their way out but I've seen retailers' adds that still show models in both. So now I'm confused!


Friday 4th of March 2022

I totally agree with your advice on getting colors done. Years ago, I took that very literally and needed 100% match to my swatches before feeling good about what I was wearing, but honestly that was WAY too limiting for my style. I like pattern, and patterns in the Winter palette sticking to the exact swatch are way over the top in how vivid those patterns are. Now I'm more flexible, and as long as the overall temperature is cool and the dominant color is among my swatches, I'm okay with whatever else is in the mix. And that really is in keeping with my style.


Friday 4th of March 2022

Hello, I am wearing an off one shoulder dress to a wedding in FL this spring and I am trying to figure out the best type of necklace to wear, if any. Also wondering if I should just go with some statement earrings and forget the necklace?

Jennifer McGowan

Friday 4th of March 2022

Good morning, as somebody who is 5’10” I can hardly ever wear any kind of blouse or button up style shirt as the waist and sleeves are always too short. I see so many cute floral blouses and pop over shirts that I could never wear as the waist will be in the wrong place..Are there any brands that you would recommend that would fit me?


Saturday 5th of March 2022

@Jennifer McGowan, At 5’9” but with long arms and torso, I’m in the same boat. Going up a size never works because then the top just becomes “wider”. I hope she will address. Also, I feel like wide leg pants would flatter me but I can’t wear heels and I’ve had some children so my belly isn’t flat so I don’t know how to wear them without being tucked in.


Friday 4th of March 2022

Hi. I wonder if you could address the preference for how to cover arms when buying sleeveless or short sleeved dresses for special occasions. Wearing a wrap doesn't always make sense. Some of the cuter dresses don't have sleeves.