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A Perfectly Polished Fleece for Work From Home Days

A Perfectly Polished Fleece for Work From Home Days

I’ve been home-based for most of my career. As a working mom, I can tell you that, even though it comes with its own unique set of challenges, I would pick working from home over going into an office any day. 

Hopefully, as we return to normal, more companies will be generous with their work from home opportunities. Countless studies show that a flexible work environment helps attract and retain female workers, and more women in the workforce, particularly in leadership positions, are better for everyone and everything. 

So today, I want to share one piece of advice, especially if you’ve recently been thrown into a virtual work environment, that has helped me succeed in my roles at work and home over the years and that is: ignore the idea that you have to have set work hours. 

I know that goes against everything you hear and read online. But the truth is if you work from home, have kids underfoot, are managing a home, busy family life, and the new challenge of homeschooling, there is no way possible you can also work a strict 9 – 5. 

So don’t even try. 

Routine Instead of a Schedule 

Instead, find a routine that works for your internal clock and your family’s schedule while still allowing you to be mindful of your work responsibilities, knowing that every day will look a little different. 

Over the last few months, my best, most productive days are the ones where we follow a loose and unconventional schedule. 

We have two-morning routines, one for me and Bri before the kids get up, and one to get the kids moving and set up for school. 

Bri and I tag team during the day, focusing on who has the most pressing deadline. That might mean I cover the kids when he has a call, or he jumps in when I need to meet a deadline. 

One of us stops work around 5 to start dinner (or these days order something) while the other wraps up a call or project, we try to take a walk as a family, and spend time with the kids. 

Then, we have two nighttime routines. One that gets the kids either to bed or settled for the night, so we can get in a few more hours of work, and then we have a simple routine to end our night later on. 

Instead of trying to replicate your usual office hours, consider an alternative schedule that will allow you the flexibility you need right now to wear all the hats. 

And of course, try to get dressed for the day. 

It makes all the difference in your mood and outlook. 

I featured this pale pink fleece over on Instagram a few weeks ago, and I’ve received so many messages from followers that they ordered it and LOVE it – I wanted to share it here too. 

It comes in four colors: black, light grey, oatmeal and pink, up to a 3X! 

Perfectly Polished Work From Home Fleece

Charles River Tunic Pullover

I make no exaggeration when I say I wear this several times a week. It’s the ideal weight for this time of year, when the mornings have a little chill in the air. I wear it with leggings for walks, or comfy jeans and sneakers. The quality is surprisingly fantastic. 

What makes this a real winner, though, is the length. So often, these kind of pieces feel just a little short in the body and then shrink over time. Because this is cut like a tunic, it covers your bottom!

You can see it in my below. 

I ordered the large (because it’s from Amazon and I always size up), but I could easily have worn the medium. I’ve washed it several times already and it hasn’t shrunk at all. 

In Real Life


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A Perfectly Polished Fleece for Work From Home Days

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Bethany J Anderson

Monday 11th of May 2020

This looks amazing! Thank you for recommending. We are still hitting -4 C at nights here, and still very cool during the day (uncharacteristic for this time of year in Alberta), so I've been craving something other than what I've been wearing all. winter. long...


Monday 11th of May 2020

Yes, yes, yes on this top. I bought it, love it, and now considering buying multiple colors. The length is PERFECT for someone like me who doesn’t love seeing my butt in leggings. Quality is excellent. Thanks for the great find!!

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