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A Lightweight Pant Alternative To Shorts

I am a planner. My husband might call me a control freak – that’s fine too, I answer to both. Planning and figuring things out is how I cope with stress.

If I have a plan, or two (or three) then I am prepared, and everything will be okay. 

As you can imagine, our current wait -and-see situation, is less than ideal for my personality. 

The summer is, by far, my favorite time of year, but this one is going to be a little weird.

Our big trip to Greece to celebrate my birthday was postponed, and our shore house rental is currently closed. It’s hard to be bummed about it, given the real challenges facing the world.

But, as a family, we could all use something to look forward to, especially with all the doom and gloom in the news. 

To lift our spirits, we came up with some alternative plans to enjoy the warmer weather, and get us out of this house the second virtual learning wraps up at the end of the month.

Yesterday, over in our Facebook Group, I asked our members their plans for the summer. I was so happy to hear that you are itching to get out again too (safely, of course), and there are many, many road trips planned for the summer. 

Which means, we are going to need a few things to wear, AND we have to order them now because everything is taking longer these days. (Depending on the retailer, shipping is taking twice as long.)

So today I’m starting with a pair of lightweight linen pants to wear as an alternative to shorts. 

* as a reminder, I will not publish a comment with any political tone to it from either side, this is a drama free zone .

Lightweight Shorts Alternative 


Linen Pants from H&M

Linen Pants, $35

Here’s the deal. I love shorts. But after being stuck at home, with no gym access for three months, I’m probably NOT wearing them right away this summer. 

As an alternative, I picked up these linen ankle pants from H&M. There are running low on inventory, but as I write this they still have enough to make it worth a post. 

They are under $40 and come in sizes  0 – 18. Generally they run true to size, but be sure to look at and compare your measurements. I bought the navy and the blue and white stripe. I’m also on the waitlist for the khaki green (olive). 

I don’t always love linen, but in a dark color you can pull it off without looking like an unmade bed. Avoid the white and beige option -they will be see through, and messy. 

We’ll all likely be working from home this summer, so these are ideal for those days. But I’m wearing them instead of shorts for our first trip to the beach in June. 

How to Wear It

A Lightweight alternative to shortsLinen Pants, $35  |  Flip Flop, $198  |  Eyelet Top, $54.50 (on sale $33)  |  Hoops, $58.50 

For a casual dinner, outside, with a breeze – I am so ready for a normal summer night. 

Above, I used the dark navy option to create a classic combination. This lovely eyelet top is an immediate add-to-cart. It’s on sale for $33 in missy and plus up to a size 20. You can wear it with a these pants, with a little half tuck, or with a pretty skirt to add some texture. 

The sandals, by Tory Burch, are a splurge. I love them, they go with everything and help elevate a basic look. If you picked up her “Patos Disk” sandal last year (a 2019 Reader Favorite) they work perfectly here too. 

Finally, a sweet pair of hoops (under $60) with a white enamel accent, bring a fresh, modern vibe to the outfit. 

Fingers crossed that everyone gets a much needed break this summer – and for continued health and healing over the coming weeks! xxoo


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A Lightweight Pant Alternative To Shorts

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Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

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Saturday 13th of June 2020

I ordered these pants and waited for weeks for them to arrive. They fit well through the waist and seat which is rare and therefore exciting. Unfortunately, because they are quite tapered and there is no stretch, they don't work for me. I have long legs (5'10") and the tapered leg is too fitted in the calf to be comfortable when sitting. Then when I stand up, I have to dance around to loosen them from my calf. So disappointed! I will be returning.


Saturday 16th of May 2020

Hi Megan, I' m from Corfu Greece and I was so sorry to hear that you had to cancel your trip to my country. I hope you' ll arrange it for later on. I love reading your posts eventhought I can't have access to most stores you propose....I' m too far away...

Take care and have a nice and careless summer with your lovely family!

Love, Amalia

Megan Kristel

Saturday 16th of May 2020

Oh my gosh - you are so kind. We are already trying to figure out dates for early next summer once my kids are done school. I've been so looking forward to it! Can't wait!


Saturday 16th of May 2020

I’m 4’11” . I like my shorts to be about 2 to 3 inches above my knee. If I wear a Capri they make me look even shorter!

Helen Smithers

Tuesday 12th of May 2020

Hi Megan, I always enjoy your senisble fashion advice and I so understand your need to have a plan and feel organised! Thank you for sharing. I’m sure it helps everyone to know they are not alone as we face all the uncertainty and disappointments. Take care! Helen

Wendy Relich

Tuesday 12th of May 2020

I always enjoy your blog- well written- good practical advice and best of all no politics!! Thank you! Wendy

Debbie Delwssio

Tuesday 12th of May 2020

Love these pants. Going to order. We were supposed to go to Italy but due to personal reasons we changed our date to June . But Travel company canceled I have been waiting 20 years to go . But we were just not meant to go this year. We re booked our trip for the beginning of June 2021 I think these pants will be a great alternative to a dress. Definitely not taking shorts . Maybe one pair for the beach. I wish you were still doing personal visits so you could HELP me get my Italy wardrobe together. NO IDEA WHAT to wear there.


Tuesday 12th of May 2020

After seeing your post on capris, I looked around and ordered a pair of linen joggers from Athleta.. I actually ordered 2 pair, but the beige ones were not as flattering as the chambray blue. I live in Florida and they have been my go-to item from the day they came in the door. I also bought a pair in olive from Nordstrom Rak. They are great for evenings when I want something longer than shorts, but not heavy pants. Thanks for steering us all towards something more flattering.


Tuesday 12th of May 2020

Fingers crossed, I got the olive, something to look forward to. If they work they will be just what I am looking for. Thank you for age appropriate suggestions, I always get a lot out of your posts.


Tuesday 12th of May 2020

I have these flip flops and they are so worth the investment. They are really comfortable and this color goes with so much. I definitely get my money's worth out of them, as I can wear them most days in the summer.