7 Amazing Podcasts for Women Over 35

Today I’m sharing a few favorite podcasts for women over 35, that I listen to regularly.

I am an avid reader, but between managing my career, wrangling kids, and trying to keeping my head above water during the day, I maybe make it three pages before I fall asleep with the book on my face.

Thankfully, podcasts help me fill the void I feel from not reading as many books. Last year, since I was home with the baby, I listened to a lot of podcasts and here’s what I know: there are a ton of bad ones, and many geared toward twenty-somethings.

Often I would start to listen to one that sounded promising only to get halfway through and realized I didn’t relate to the hosts and topics at all.

7 Amazing Podcasts for Women Over 35

7 Amazing Podcasts for Women Over 35

Don’t get me wrong; I love twenty-somethings. It’s just that with age comes an ability to hear messages differently, a higher capacity for self-reflection and a thirst for fresh perspectives and information. 

After much trial and error, I’ve found seven that I find sophisticated, thoughtful, fun, and perfect for grown women.

So I’m sharing them with you today, and be sure to check out the comments where readers have shared many of their favorites too!

Terrible, Thanks for Asking 

I. Love. Nora. McInerny. I spent a flight to LA reading her heartbreaking and hilarious book It’s Okay to Laugh: (Crying Is Cool Too) and did just that for five straight hours. (It was as cathartic as it sounds.)  Nora is a mom, wife, writer and widow who talks about her grief in the most beautiful and vulnerable way.

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Her podcast, Terrible, Thanks for Asking is anything but terrible. It covers all the messy, un-Instagram worthy moments of life with the same quick wit and rawness that marks her sense of humor. I leave each episode feeling like I just had a great chat with a dear friend.


Longtime readers know my affection for all things goop and their podcast is no different. 

Every Thursday they release a new episode featuring an interview with an industry expert or thought leader and discuss anything and everything. Some of my favorite episodes covered parenting mindfully, signs of postnatal depletion, gut health, spirituality, and relationships.  I truly enjoy all of them, even the wacky ones are well thought out and amusing. 

And every now and then Gwyneth gets on to personally interview her guests like Misty Copeland, Julia Roberts and Demi Moore. 

I especially enjoyed when she interviewed her mom, the legendary Blythe Danner. It was a beautiful and honest conversation about motherhood, between two moms who happen to be an incredibly famous mother and daughter duo.

Kick Ass – Mel Robbins

I’ve been talking a lot about Mel Robbins lately. She’s having her moment, and it’s well deserved. I’m so down with people who don’t sell b.s., and a lot “self-help” gurus.

Being your best self is hard work, but it’s not complicated. We all know what we should do; Mel helps you figure out why you keep getting in your own way with her no nonsense delivery. 

I like to listen to this on morning walks for an extra jolt of motivation. 

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Welcome September!

Forever 35

Tips on getting all your laundry done, how to combat loneliness, what to do with big cuticles, insight into the IVF journey, why you need a vision board, how to deal with depression and instant pot recipes, Forever 35 is everything you talk about with your girlfriends.

On top of that they have interesting, relevant guests and an engaged audience that share their tips … because that’s what women do.

The Sheri and Nancy Show (formerly This is 50)

I discovered This is 50 several months ago and mentioned it here on the blog. Since then, they changed their name to The Sheri and Nancy Show.  A good move since at 40, I really enjoyed their conversations.  You’ll recognize Sheri as Sheri Salata, Oprah’s right-hand woman during the Oprah show years.

It’s another podcast that feels like chatting with friends, the conversations are intimate and real. They talk about things like addiction, midlife career change, hormones, and gratitude.

I like it because many “episodes” are only 5 minutes long, so you get a little shot of knowledge or inspiration. Even the busiest person can fit that in.

The Lively Show

Covering everything I love like health, wellness, motherhood and a good dose of business insight makes this one of my favorites. If Sheri and Nancy are for the over 50 crowd, Jess Lively is for the “I’m closer to 40 than I realize” crew, i.e., me. I like that it’s filled with positivity without feeling naive.

One conversation in particular resonated with me around this idea that we are scared of attention, even if it’s positive. There is a whole discussion about feeling uncomfortable with being perceived as successful – something I deal with all the time. I couldn’t articulate how I felt until I listened, and instantly felt not so crazy.

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Afford Anything

I will never be an expert in money. Over the last few years, though, I’ve become more and more focused on asset building. Paula Pant’s podcast discusses an array of topics that will rock your money mindset.

After some episodes I feel so uncomfortable, and then after others I feel like I’m on the right path. So that just means I’m doing some things well and need some work in other areas.

Episode #171 was a really interesting. She discussed the findings of a study of “everyday millionaires.” Here are some “fun” facts:  62% graduated from public state schools, 18% percent are self-employed and 80% exercise at least three times a week.

My odds were looking pretty good until they added that on average, they spend $35 on jeans. – oops.

And now for you!

When this post was originally published you all shared your favorites.

So there you have it, the seven podcasts I listen to, and a few you love as well. Keep adding your favorites below in the comments!


7 Amazing Podcasts for Women Over 35

19 thoughts on “7 Amazing Podcasts for Women Over 35”

  1. Try the Satellite Sisters. They have been podcasting for years and I really enjoy the 3 Dolan sisters. Also Safe for Work is another podcast that Liz Dolan does!

  2. Thank you! I just recently discovered Afford Anything and it was a nice surprise. Along the same lines, I met the founder of the Financial Gym and she has a podcast: Martinis and Your Money (omg love lol) – she started her business after being in the very corporate/male-dominated financial industry and her podcast goes thru real stories of people sorting thru all their money “stuff”. She’s funny and like many you mentioned above, I feel like I’m listening to my girlfriends (and learning!): https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/martinis-and-your-money-podcast/id933034560?mt=2

  3. First, “My odds were looking pretty good until they said that on average, they spend $35 on jeans. – oops.” Big smile!

    I also have found more time for podcasts and audiobooks, and here are four of the the podcasts that satisfy my particular curiosities and areas of interest:

    Slate Political Gabfest: I have enormous respect for Emily Bazelon, and follow her writing in the New York Times Magazine. John Dickerson adds a level of civility, morality, and patience often lacking in politics today.

    The TED Radio Hour: The absolute best TED talk, the one that spoke to me most was Amy Cuddy. You don’t need to subscribe to hear her, you can just Google “Amy Cuddy Fake It Till You Make It.” I think she invented the phrase “imposter syndrome.” Really a life-changing speech. Keep your Kleenex close by.

    The Hidden Brain, and Radio Lab: Two great podcasts that probe why we think the way we do, how do our experiences change our brain, how does our brain determine our experience? Just really great brain food.

  4. I tried Forever 35 because I relate to the IVF info but couldn’t get into it. I’ll try again because I keep seeing it on best lists.

    Some lighthearted podcasts I enjoy are the Popcast with Knox and Jamie (pop culture) and Sorta Awesome (one main host with a rotation of guests talking about various topics relevant to moms, very positive).

    I love My Favorite Murder and just finished The Dream about MLMs. Bear Brook was REALLY good and I enjoyed Escaping NXVIVM (now called Uncover).

    (I have a long commute.)

    • Forever 35 took me the longest to get into. And if you like true crime, I love Martinis and Murder, where they make a cocktail and talk about either an infamous murder or mystery. I hate to say it’s funny, but I do chuckle throughout it – shows that I have a deeply warped sense of humor.

  5. I love Podcasts and Audiobooks also! I would never read or learn anything new without them during this busy time of life! Along with some of the others listed above, I really enjoy Best of Both Worlds with Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger; they are 2 working moms discussing anything and everything to make life run more smoothly. This American Life and Invisibilia always have some cool episodes, and Science Vs is an awesome show about pitting actual science against anything from essential oils to serial killers to climate change. My ultimate favorite though is Pantsuit Politics, started by 2 women on opposite sides of the political spectrum. They now also have a “life” podcast called The Nuanced Life.

    • Yes, Invisibilia, Science Vs are great! My commute along with housework are information time. Podcasts, audiobooks, and the local public radio app are among my favorite things. I think it’s great that technology has increased access to spoken word, rather than burying it.

  6. I love Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Liz Craft and Happier in Hollywood with Liz Craft and Sarah Fain. I have learned so much!

  7. Great post, somehow I’ve missed a few of these and I can’t wait to try the new ones! I’ve found is that at the end of a very long day I often don’t have the capacity to listen to anymore “advice” on how to improve myself/life/career/family/etc. and I just wanted something “fun” (like My Favorite Murder lol) – my absolute favorite for this is Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, it is my everything lately! It’s a totally different take than his talk show. The last interview with Charles Barkley was incredible – who knew Charles was so funny?! There’s 2 seasons and new episodes drop on Monday – I found myself crying from laughing so hard on the subway from this show!

    • As a Philadelphian I can say with certainty that Charles Barkley is hilarious. I absolutely need to listen to that. I mentioned in an earlier comment that Martinis and Murder is my go-to true crime podcast, and they are still really funny, which I know is warped but so is my sense of humor. 😉 It’s another good one to listen to when you are brimming with enough self help.

  8. Sex Chat for Christian Wives is a podcast featuring 4 Christian women discussing sex from a Biblical Worldview. They are funny and don’t hold back from discussing difficult subjects. It’s appropriate for women of all ages, no matter where you are in your marriage.


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