6 Cute Sneakers to Update Your Stay at Home Outfits

Sneakers started to have a moment even before the world hit the pause button a few months ago. Sartorially, we were seeing them paired with everything, from jeans to business suits.

Today, with our lives looking more casual than ever, a few novelty sneakers may be just the thing to breathe new life into our wardrobes, especially if you are like me and starting to miss the fun of getting dressed up. 

So, I rounded up a few pairs that will jazz up your joggers, add a sporty balance to a feminine dress, or simply put some personality into a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt. 

6 Cute Sneakers to Update Your Stay at Home Outfits

6 Cute Sneakers to Wear if You Miss Fancy Shoes


There are a few things to remember as you create outfits around a pair of sneakers. 

First, and most importantly, do not use your gym sneakers for this. Keep them for runs and workouts.

Second, balance is key. You want to use a sneaker with a slim profile. One that is too clunky will throw off the proportions.

Finally, don’t be afraid to use your sneaker to add some personality, much like a sandal or a pair of heels. Play with color, texture, and pattern. Have fun with it!

Below are some of my favorite options, including the pair I’m currently wearing on repeat. 

My Top Pick: Subtle Leopard 

6 Cute Sneakers to Wear if You Miss Fancy ShoesLeopard, $69


I absolutely love these and wear them all the time. The pattern is subtle, so they work with almost everything. My wardrobe leans heavy in better basics, which can sometimes feel boring and redundant. These UP! the style factor of any ordinary outfit. You can buy them at DSW here with quick shipping. 

Rainbow Trend

6 Cute Sneakers to Wear if You Miss Fancy ShoesRainbow, $65

The rainbow trend is everywhere. We’re organizing our bookshelves, pantry, and even our fridges, by color, so of course, it’s creeping into fashion too. I love these sweet kicks by Gola for under $70. They add a cheerful optimism to any basic outfit. 

Lux Detail

6 Cute Sneakers to Wear if You Miss Fancy ShoesGold, $77

Kate Spade has made adorable sneakers for years and these are no exception. These are a great choice if you want to ease into the trend. The gold details elevates the sneaker without going overboard and you can wear them with absolutely everything. 

Sporty Glam

6 Cute Sneakers to Wear if You Miss Fancy ShoesWhite Sparkle
, $145 

File these under, I don’t know who needs these sneakers, but someone does. They are so beautiful. I could see a bride hide them under her dress, or wear them to a city hall ceremony. They would also look pretty with a casual feminine dress, like a floral maxi or a simple pair of shorts with a pretty top.

Splurge Worthy

6 Cute Sneakers to Wear if You Miss Fancy ShoesPink Stripe, $198

These are the most expensive option on this list, but I had to include them. They are so bright and cheerful. If your budget allows and they fit into your style, you’ll have these for a long time. They are the perfect combination of classic, preppy and pretty. 


Everyday Style

6 Cute Sneakers to Wear if You Miss Fancy ShoesPink Accents, $80

Finally, these classic white and pink Lacoste sneakers are ideal for everyday wear. Wear them for walks, running errands, or take them on an upcoming road trip. If you don’t love the pink accents you can get them with black instead. Read their Five Star Reviews here

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6 Cute Sneakers to Update Your Stay at Home Outfits

9 thoughts on “6 Cute Sneakers to Update Your Stay at Home Outfits”

  1. I have several pairs of fun sneakers, including a silver metallic snakeskin pair from Schutz, which were a total impulse buy on a trip to NYC. They are super flashy and not for the faint of heart, but every time I wear them, I remember how much fun I had all by myself in the city! Can’t wait to be able to visit again. Also, I LOVE that wearing sneakers with dresses is on trend – comfy AND cute for the win!

  2. I fell in love with sneakers last year and even wore them on stage a few times (instead of stilettos) and loved it. My fave ones are a pair of Cole Hahns (so light) and a pair of Ted Baker (complete with pretty flowers painted on them) … but these pink ones I had to have, can’t wait to try them!

  3. I’ve been buying fun sneakers for the last several months. My last pair was a spring/summer plaid from Sperry which came yesterday and a pair of cole Hahns that are grey with a knit that looks like wingtips. Before that, I decided to try the waterproof ones in black from Vessi and some slipons in olive from Merino’s. I wanted the peach from Allbirds but they ran out. Keep your eyes open for CARIUMA from Brazil. They often have an artist print. I liked the previous one but wasn’t fast enough of the draw. I definitely don’t wear these to the gym but they make “casual” much more fun.

  4. I love the sneakers!
    I have some I really love and I wear them with everything, including summer dresses. Of course if the situation is more dressy I don’t wear the sneakers.

  5. I want to love sneakers, I really do, but when you wear a size 10 it begins to look clunky. You yourself said, “One that is too clunky will throw off the proportions.”

    Are there any sneakers that can look slimmer on one’s foot.

  6. I don’t buy dozens of shoes, usually just a few cute ones to rotate with casual or dressy attire. But when I saw the leopard sneakers, I had to get them! I love how cute they are with so many looks. They jazz up any outfit, and I get compliments on them every time I wear them out!


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