6 Chic and Functional Laptop Bags

Chic and Functional Laptop Bagsone, $284  | two, $70 |  three, $145 |  four, $398 |  five, $228 |  six, $195

Over the last few weeks, readers and friends alike have mentioned to me that they need a new laptop bag. Many have the popular Lo & Sons OMG or Brookline bag, and while they love their functionality, they’d like something that looks more like a proper handbag. Personally, I still carry my OMG when I travel. I haven’t found a bag as roomy and durable. You can beat it up pretty good, and it stays in great shape. Is it the most glamorous bag? No, but there’s nothing glamorous about racing through airports and throwing your bag in the back of a cab either. Practicality always wins with me.

When I’m not traveling, I carry my laptop to and from my office every day. So I need a bag that fits everything and still looks relatively put together. I’ve been happy with this affordable tote I carried all summer. It fits my MacBook, wallet, small makeup case, all my cords and any odds and ends for the day. Now that the weather is cooling down, and boots and coats are (happily) right around the corner, I could update my bag to something more substantial with structure and style.

I thought I would round up a few options in case you were also looking for an updated bag. There is a variety of price points on this list and also styles. Some are simple totes, others more traditional bags, with lots of compartments and pockets. Something for everyone, depending on your needs and preferences.

6 Chic and Functional Laptop Bags

one, $284.00  Under Lock & Key – Jana RFID Leather Tote is a nice option if you want something that looks like a traditional handbag.  There is a designated space for your laptop and ample room for your daily essentials.  It’s available in black, red and tan (above)  and under $300.

two, $70 Mango has a fantastic under $100 bag.  I like its overall styling, zipper top, and cross body strap.  If you use it every day, it’s likely a one season bag as it will show wear and tear quickly.

three, $145 Matt & Nat is a stylish, totally vegan handbag line that uses high quality, non leather material to make stylish and wearable bags.  I have a few of these, including this one, and I’m a big fan.  We featured it in black (above) because it’s just a good, basic black bag that happens to fit your laptop.  It’s also available in what they are calling ink (a gray) and henna ( a brickish red), two stunning alternatives.

four, $398 I’ve been delighted with the  quality of Henri Bendel’s merchandise – it matches the price point for sure.  If you want an actual briefcase, with style this is for you.  It’s ideal if you travel, as you can slip it over the handle of your roller bag. It’s compact, and well organized, so while you won’t be able to lug a lot of stuff around, you’ll fit more than you think inside.

five, $228 If you like the Lo&Sons but want more style, this nylon tote, also from Henri Bendel, is perfect.  This offers lots of room, but is still sleek.  Available in black, a lovely blue and port which works as a great neutral.

six, $195 If you just want a big bag that fits everything and zips up ,this tote from Cuyana is under $200, and a blank slate inside.  Keep your laptop safe in a sleeve, corral your items in various pouches, and you are good to go.

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