5 Professional Headbands for Women

Over in our private Facebook group, we had a discussion about hair accessories. Specifically scrunchies and headbands for women. Can we wear them? What are the rules? Are they age-appropriate?

So let’s unpack this and start first with the easiest.

I’m not one to speak in absolutes, but I feel confident in saying that scrunchies on grown women are a “no.” We’ve been there, we’ve done it, arguably better than it’s being done now.

There’s nothing sophisticated about a scrunchie, and they do nothing to enhance your look. So let’s leave them to our tweens who think they are as awesome as we did back in the day.

Headbands, on the other hand, are not as straightforward

My Late 90s Idols

I grew up wearing them, just like Cher Horowitz, one of my first style icons. But now, I’m 40, with three daughters, and two of them (10 and 12) wear headbands all the time. 

Which leads to the question: On us, do they look dated? Immature? Try-hard?

My simple answer: you can wear them (you can wear whatever you want!) but to keep them chic and modern, and not teetering in tween territory, simple is the name off the game. 

Headbands for Work or Play

Professional Headbands for Women

For this post, I went out a bought this leopard print headband at Nordstrom. It’s the most expensive on the list ($26), but I wanted to make sure I was trying out a made-for-an-adult option. 

I’m surprised how much I like it. It’s a nice alternative to a ponytail, which has become a go-to style for so many of us. It made me look more polished, and elevated a simple outfit of a cashmere turtleneck and black pants.  It’s also comfortable – so it’s easy to wear all day long without getting pinched behind your ears. 

I feel strongly that, because headbands are inherently sweet, I wouldn’t wear them in a traditional business formal setting. 

In casual, creative, and workplaces that embrace a more low-key dress code, you’re good.

Outside of work, they can be a fun accessory to incorporate in your weekend wear.

For good measure, avoid overly embellished options, covered in lace and pearls, they’ll feel too costumey and formal.

I would also skip inexpensive ones from the drugstore. Not only will they break easily, but they will hurt your head after just a few minutes of wearing them. 

5 Professional Headbands for Women

Professional Headbands for Women

Leopard, $26  |  Tortoise, $16.50  |  Puffed Velvet, $19.50  |  Black and Gold Set, $22  |  Braided, $18

Leopard, $26: This has a wide band that sits flat on your head. The print has texture to it, so you’re getting a little bit of depth as well as pattern. I haven’t stopped wearing it since I bought it. 

Tortoise, $16.50: A classic neutral tortoise print is an excellent place to start since it will work within any personal style. 

Puffed Velvet, $19.50: The “puff” of this headband from LOFT will add some height to the top of your head, so it works best with long hair with lots of volume. 

Black and Gold Set, $22: For a chic and sophisticated look, pull your hair back into a styled pony and add one of these shiny bands, it tames flyaways and gives you a polished, finished look. 

Braided, $18: For something a little better than basic, take a look at this slim braided option, also from Nordstrom in black or gold. It will subtly pull your hair back and add a bit of texture but will also disappear into your look. 

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5 Professional Headbands for Women

8 thoughts on “5 Professional Headbands for Women”

  1. I bought a snake print headband this year and have been loving it – I normally walk around with my reading glasses on top of my head, but the headband is definitely a better look! I keep the rest of my outfit simple, neutral and solid colors, so the headband serves as a small modern touch within a more classic look. Love the leopard print one you linked as well!

  2. Thank you for this post. Sometimes a headband is just what I need for a day. I love the choices you provided and now I don’t feel as if I am way out of fashion.

  3. I find the knotted tape hair ties work as a great substitute for a scrunchie for my doubled thru ponytail. For more formal looks I will twist hair and clip it up. I have, however, gone the fascinator route with attaching a flower to a narrow head band. It was fun! Enjoy ALL your posts! LindaE


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