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For this weeks Q&A we’re featuring a few questions:

Our first one comes from Emilia:

When you’re traveling and dressing out of your suitcase for days or weeks at a time, how do you keep your professional clothes well-maintained and wrinkle free? Do you have any portable gadgets/wrinkle-releasing sprays/other essentials to recommend?

Three words:  Dry Cleaning Bags. I keep my professional clothes in their bag when they come back from the cleaner.  When I pack, I grab the garment in the bag and lay it on the bottom of my suitcase as if I were lining the bottom of the bag.  The top and bottom of the garment will hang over the side slightly.  Then I fill my bag with my essentials, placing them on top of my garments in the dry cleaning bags.  Once the suitcase if full, I take the top and bottom of the garment that are hanging over the side and gently fold them on top of the contents of the suitcase.  Works like a charm every time.  I never have to iron or steam out my clothes, and I always look perfectly pressed.

Next is from Julia:

Hi – I work in a business formal office – suits are the order of the day. I push the envelope with structured suiting separates. Any ideas about walking the fine line between business formal and business casual? I don’t want t be disrespectful but I need a little more creativity. Thanks!

While suits make dressing for work straightforward, they can border on boring. I’ve been in offices where the suiting women are wearing look inappropriate because the fit is incorrect. You can make separates work for business professional by focus on the quality and tailoring of the pieces. Consider investing in some high-quality bottoms in classic, more traditional cuts and add interest and personality with the jacket. You could push the envelope further as long as there is balance.  I love Classique Etiner for their updated, modern pieces. Ann Taylor did some pretty jackets, like this Moto jacket that could work with pants or a skirt.  I also really like Lafayette 148 for jackets.  Some of them are too conservative, but they also have some more modern options like this  updated black jacket, this pretty white tweed is on sale, or this bright blue with peplum details that I liked so much I just bought for myself!

If you have some traditional suiting in your closet, add personality with your accessories (just one!) and a shoe with some edgy detail or print.

Another popular question comes from Denise:

I hate wearing heels!! Do you have any tips to ease the pain? I’m in a wedding this summer and have to wear them.

Dr. Scholls for Her High Heel Insoles will save your feet for most of the night.  Before the wedding, though, break the shoes in by at least walking around your house in them. Also, consider bringing a pair of flats to change into after pictures so you can dance.  I don’t mind heels, but at my cousins wedding last fall, I danced so much that my feet sweeled.  My shoes were under the table for most of the night, and I was carried to the car.  (That’s the sign of a great time.)

Our last question is from Susan D.:

Beauty question over here- Do you recommend applying liquid foundation by hand, with a blush, or with a makeup applicator sponge?

I have become a huge fan of the Beautyblender.  You get even coverage and a lovely finish to your face if you use liquid foundation.  I use it to blend in my highlighter/concealer pen, especially under my eyes and the crease of my nose.

Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

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