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My World MarchDress, $199; Sweater, $47; Lint Roller, $10.50; Book, $16; Concealer, $24; Water Bottle, $42

March, like every month so far this year, went by in a blink.  For the last three months I’ve been working around the clock.  Today is my only day this week with no work appointments and I’m taking advantage of it by organizing my closet for spring, finally putting away the laundry on the sofa in my bedroom and finalizing some details for an announcement we’re making later this week.

This month was not without some fun new purchases and discoveries.  Below, a round up of my personal favorites:

Dress, $199

By now everyone knows my love of DVF.  Her dresses work perfectly for me. Every spring and fall I buy two or three new dresses to build my wardrobe.  They are the easiest piece to throw to look elegant and modern. I recently picked up this wrap, that ended up being on sale.  It’s a dark navy that works that will get me to client appointments and will probably double as my dress for Easter this year.

Sweater, $47

Stripes and ruffles??  Sign me up.  I grabbed this sweater at Nordstrom while shopping for a client this month and I’ve already worn is multiple times.  It feels special and feminine. It’s the ideal piece to pair with jeans for a casual night out.

Lint Roller, $10.50

With two kids and a dog at home a lint roller is a must, but the ones you receive from your local dry cleaner are more trouble than their worth. I was always pealing back the top layer, and it was always sticking to whatever else was sitting in the junk drawer.  This lint roller by flint is simple yet genius.  It has a case!  So it’s easy to touch up before you leave the house, and even easier to keep in your car or handbag.

Book, $16

I so enjoyed this hilarious and insightful book by Alyssa Mastromonaco, the former deputy chief of staff to President Obama.  It’s filled with behind the scene stories, thoughtful reflection and strategies to get things none amidst chaos.  It’s not political, either side of the aisle can appreciate the discipline and tenacity required to handle the level of pressure that comes with her role.

Concealer, $24

I’ve been spending a good amount of time and money on my skin. My goal is to be able to wear as little makeup as possible, while still looking bright and pretty.  After a few months of work, I can see significant changes in my skin texture, firmness, and general health.  But I still need a little coverage now and then.  I was looking for a concealer that was good for my skin and still covers up the redness I sometimes get around my nose and chin. Juice Beauty, once again came to the rescue.  The concealer is organic and paraben free, is effective and feels good on my skin.  Unlike other products, it doesn’t look cakey and clunky.   Now, my makeup routine takes minutes.  After I wash my face, I apply a serum and light moisturizer with SPF.  Then I dab the concealer where I need it and lightly dust my entire face with my go-to powder.  This allows my skin to shine through with just a little extra help.

Water Bottle, $42

I drink a ton of water so I was looking for something I could keep in my bag for busy days that was easy to refill.  Sure, you can use anything, but the goldtone bottle from S’well was too chic to pass up.  It’s slim, so it easily sits in my car and the side of my bag.  It also keeps your beverage cold almost all day.  Bonus for helping me cut back on a number of plastic water bottles that end up in my recycling bin.

Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

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