My World: July 2017

My World July

Shampoo, $34, Conditioner, $34; Lycee Eye Drops, $14; Brush, $36; Diffuser, $65; Diana: The People’s Princess, $30; Collagen Peptides, $34; Sneakers, $65

We didn’t feature a My World for June because “my world” outside of work revolved around getting my kids settled into their summer routine, planning Bri’s surprise party and preparing for our trip.  The four weeks flew by!  July was just as busy, but I discovered a few new great finds to share.


Shampoo and Conditioner:  For years I happily used a budget friendly shampoo and conditioner.  It was only over the last few months that I’ve started to test premium brands and for the most part wasn’t impressed.  My challenge is that as I age, I notice my hair lacks fullness and shine.  I also abuse it pretty hard with regular color treatments and almost daily use of a super hot hairdryer and curling iron, so it’s dry and damaged. I picked up Alterna Caviar Anit-Aging shampoo and conditioner after reading dozens of positive reviews. Within two weeks of use, my hair is noticeably fuller and feels so much better. It’s not cheap, so I keep it on the top shelf of my shower, out of reach from my girls who are already trying to steal my bath products.

Lycee Eye Drops:  I don’t wear contacts so I’ve never thought that I would need eyedrops, but stress induced crummy nights of sleep often leave me with bloodshot, irritated eyes. I recently read that Victoria Beckham uses these eye drops from Japan and thought I’d give them a try. Guess what?  My eyes feel better, and they look whiter.

Brush:  My hairstylist, Laura, uses this square/round brush for blow outs and it’s a game changer.  You get better lift, and when you blow dry your own hair, the shape of the brush makes it easier to grab and hold each section.

Diffuser:  When we walked into out hotel in London I was immediately overwhelmed with the most wonderful fragrance.   It was fresh, clean, a little sweet and elegant.  I had to have it.  I spotted these diffusers by The White Company scattered all over the hotel, so I bought them for our house and my office.  They’re expensive, so it’s a treat for sure, but it’s the most incredible smell that will bring me back to a wonderful memory.

Diana: The People’s Princess:  Whenever we travel or visit a new place I love picking up a book to remember the experience.  I’ve collected books from cities, restaurants, and museums all over the world.  After we had walked (Bri walked, I gleefully skipped) through the Diana Her Fashion Store Exhibit in Kensington Palace, I picked up this gorgeous book as a keepsake.  The photos are beautiful, and there are some poignant tributes throughout the pages.  Fans of Diana are sure to enjoy it.

Collagen Peptides:  I would  drink just about anything if you told me it kept wrinkles at bay. These little packets of collagen are portable and easy to use.  They have no taste so can add them in my morning smoothy and add to a bottle of water in the afternoon to get my twice a day serving.  I saw a difference in my skin after a few weeks of use, I look more rested, even though I’m not. Collagen isn’t just helpful for your hair/skin/nails, it can also, over time, help with bone and join health – especially important for women as we age.

Sneakers: I was looking for a sneaker to wear with outfits, that didn’t feel too athletic, that brought a little more polish to my go-to mom outfit of skinny jeans and a striped tee in the cooler weather. These are just the thing. I picked them up in white, but I also like them in gray and navy. I’m keeping them in their box until September so I can wear them once the kiddos are back to school.

Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.


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