My Go-To Travel Outfit

My Go-to Travel OutfitJ. Crew Factory Striped Funnelneck Sweatshirt with Pockets, $44.50; DL 1961 Skinny Jeans, $168; Fringe Trim Cape, $50; Dr. Scholls Original Collection Kimber Flat,  $87.95; Lo & Sons OMG, On Sale, $220; Victorinox Spinner Luggage

I’m spending the week traveling for business. I speak this morning in Philly, fly to Atlanta, spend two days there, fly to Dallas and then head home on Friday night. I’m grateful for the business and even more thankful that this is my last “bender” before the New Year.

The more you travel, the more you fall into a routine that makes pre-flight prep easy. To make packing a breeze, I store all of my travel sized products in a clear TSA approved bag. I keep my noise canceling headphones, warm wrap/blanket in my Lo & Sons OMG bag and store it in the closet in my office. I also put together an emergency kit filled with band-aids, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen, hair ties, and just about any other item I’ve ever wish I had in a zip-top case and keep it in my suitcase.

Finally, I always have my travel outfit hanging in my closet. Trips tend to sneak up on me, so having what I plan to wear to the airport at the ready makes me less frantic.

Over the years, I’ve found what works for me. Comfortable yet polished jeans are the key piece. I’ve been wearing DL 1961 for over a year now. They move with your body yet somehow keep their shape. Instead of wearing layers, which can be too fussy when going through security, I go with something simple. This striped turtleneck from J Crew Factory is affordable, soft and surprisingly pulled together, despite being called a “sweatshirt.”

Shoes are everything when you’re traveling. Having had to park in E, only to fly out of A gate one too many times, I don’t try to run in my heels. Instead, these flats are a life and foot saver. I know what you’re thinking, “Dr. Scholls?” Yes! They have all the comfort you would expect, and they look like classic black flats, for under $100.

I didn’t feature it in the above picture, but I also carry my trench with me most of the time. Temperatures vary depending on where I am going, so I like having a light and packable coat. The one you see on my Instagram is a Burberry I splurged on a few years ago. If you are looking for a more reasonable priced jacket, I like these under $100 in  Missy and Plus.

Looking pulled together and feeling organized helps me navigate the often miserable experience of flying a little bit better. Not only do I believe you get treated better, but I think when you look and feel your best, you treat others with more respect and Lord knows we need more of that at airports across the country.


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Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.


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