Girls’ Weekend in Chicago

Strong female friendships have been the unexpected benefit of owning this business and one of the cornerstones of our ongoing success. Today, I’m flying to Chicago to meet up with two of my most favorite friends. For many, making new friends as an adult isn’t easy. Life is busy and priorities change, but I’ve discovered if you just stay open, participate, and engage you can develop relationships that are rich and meaningful.

I love looking back at how life evolves. Sometimes, something as simple as meeting for a drink, or sending a quick, thoughtful text, can be the start of a relationship that brings so much to your life. In the case of these two, one snowy business trip together to northern New Jersey pretty much cemented our friendships.

I’m especially grateful that so many of my friends are just as of committed to maintaining relationships as I am. After months of trying to figure out a date, we were able to grab flights for this weekend. It will be a quick trip but a few uninterrupted hours with friends that fill my heart is just what I need. Because I want to be relaxed and present, packing a cohesive wardrobe will eliminate stress and make getting dressed a breeze. Here’s what I’m bringing along:

Girls Weekend

Flight and Friday Night Catch Up Drinks: Jeans, $189; Top, $29 ; Saturday Shopping: Shirt, $148 Jeans, $189; Saturday Night Dinner: Top, $64; Jeans, $189; Flight Home: Sweatshirt, $56; Leggings, $52; Tank, $26; Essentials: Clutch, $45; Flat, $80; Crossbody, $58; Sunglasses, $150; Pajamas, $88; Slippers, $40


Have a great weekend!!

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