Find of the Week: Sweatpants That Aren’t Embarrassing

Old Navy Fleece Straight-Leg Sweatpants

Old Navy Fleece Straight-Leg Sweatpants for Women, $24.99

There is nothing I enjoy more than changing out of my work clothes and slipping into something comfy and cozy after a long day. This time of year, when there is a bit of a chill in the air, having a few go-to pieces ready to wear can make the time between work and bed the best part of your day. You may be shocked to know that I think sweatpants are awesome. They are AWESOME. I’m not talking about paint-stained, worn-out, droopy-bottomed sweatpants; those you can throw out immediately. But a slim, straight-legged, fleece-lined pant can be just what the doctor ordered, especially if your day involved Spanx or tights.

Like all things these days, you could spend over $100 for sweatpants, which might be the dumbest idea ever. Instead, head over to Old Navy and pick up these for $25. In fact, get two pairs. I have the gray and the blue. They are “inside the house pants,” as I call them, but they will make the occasional appearance at the bus stop.

For those days filled with housework, or maybe a rainy day working from home, this is what you wear. I also live for a night curled up on the sofa with a movie, pizza, and wine, wearing these.  You don’t have to feel sloppy in these either, instead, I like pair these with a cheeky graphic or statement making tee, or an updated sweatshirt.

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