Find of the Week: Kate Spade Keds

Find of the Week Kate Spade Keds Sneakers

Sneakers, $110

I’m pretty excited about today’s find of the week. Kate Spade teamed up with Keds to make a series of adorable sneakers.  A few are covered in glitter, this one has polka dots all over it and I’m nuts for this simple and chic leather sneaker with subtle gold accents.  But what really has me giddy are these leopard print, calf hair slip ons.

Now, some of these are a little too specific (and out there) for the price. Are you going to get a lot of wear out of $85 glitter sneakers?  Maybe.  If you do, I might want your life. For me, I would wear the leopard print sneaker all weekend, and even during the week to my office. Wearing the print in a sneaker is a fresh and modern way to add some interest to a casual outfit.  It’s unexpected, but it works. If you’re weekend wardrobe is made up of  mostly neutral basics, and you’re looking to invest in a few pieces to kick it up a notch, these sneakers could be a great addition.

Not loving the prints?  I think the cream leather sneaker with gold accents is so chic and timeless.  

If you order off the Keds website you’ll receive 20% off orders more than $50 with the code  NEEDITNOW. 

Check back tomorrow, when we show you how to wear these in our Weekend Inspiration Post.

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3 thoughts on “Find of the Week: Kate Spade Keds

  1. I professed my love for the Sperry slip ons. Guilty of wearing them for the last 4 days straight. You would think I don’t own any other shoes. I’ve had my eye on the Vince leather pair for at least a month but I decided to give these a try. I think this is just what my weekend wardrobe needs. Thanks for another great find!!

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