Cute Halloween Tops that Aren’t $100

When my kids were tiny, I wore a tee shirt on Halloween that read, “I Don’t Do Costumes.”  To this day, my goofballs still think it’s hilarious. It’s funny to see how surprised they are to realize that I have a sense of humor. So every year, I try to find a fun, slightly irrelevant tee to wear while shlepping them around the neighborhood. It’s the only day out of the year that I wear any kind of “flair.”

But I don’t want to spend any real amount of money on a ridiculous top I’m going to wear once.

Earlier this month I wrote about my disdain for LuLaRoe, a clothing brand that encourages grown women to wear juvenile patterned leggings out and about in their life.  You’ll be shocked to learn I’m a hard no on pants covered in pumpkins and witches.  But I have similar (not equal) contempt for a company called Wildfox, a LA-based company known for their obnoxiously overpriced, vintage-inspired, sometimes tongue in cheek graphic tops and tees. Unlike LulaRoe where I cannot find a single redeeming, wearable item, I can find some pieces in Wildfox that are fresh and fun, (you need to dig) and if you can score them on sale go for it.

My real frustration are their price points

Like, a $150 hoodie that says “I Am A Cat.”

On what planet does this make sense?

Or, if you’re not into cats, you can get one that says
“I Am A Mouse.”

Um, no, you’re 40 and have two kids.

How about an $88 long sleeve, poly-blend tee shirt that says “WITCH.”

You could go to Michael’s, right now, and make this for $15.

I call this “stupid pricing.” It’s INSANE. They are merely charging what they’re charging because they can. But you don’t have to spend anywhere close to that. I never like to count other peoples money, you can spend your money however and wherever you like, but for a minute, allow me to take a page out of my preachy financial advisor’s book. Think about how much you technically should to make annually, and how much you should have saved, for this to be a responsible use of your disposable income. And even if you have buckets of cash, it’s still unnecessarily expensive, given how limited it is.

Why spend that when you can spend so much less, we’re talking just a few dollars.  Every year we feature a few reasonably priced tops for Halloween, and this year may be our most affordable line up.

Cute Halloween Tops

One, $5; Two, $32; Three, $32; Four, $3; Five, $5; Six, $5; Seven, $39; Eight, $27

I’m not going to go over each one since they are so straightforward.   I like the look of a statement tee with polished pieces.  This LOFT moto jacket (featured last week) in black would work well for a chilly night paired with  a great fitting pair of jeans. Or, wear a casual black pant with with a denim jacket. Want to zhush it up even more?  Add a statement necklace you already have for some added drama.

Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

  1. Your article just summarize why I don’t buy cute things that I won’t wear many many times. I’m not interested in spending my kids tuition or our retirement in a wear once shirt. Besides the fact it’s terrible for the environment.

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