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Readers Favorites: November 2017

November is coming to an end, though with Thanksgiving early this year, it has felt like December for a week now.  Lots of your favorite items from the month have sold out, but here are a few not to miss pieces that will help build out your wardrobe as we move into cold weather.

Norana Slip-On

Client Pick! ED by Ellen DeGeneres

You can take a casual outfit from hot-mess, to intentionally sporty with a few simple updates. Think of the one woman in your neighborhood, who always looks cute, even when she’s just driving the kids around and running errands. The one you bump into at Target and wonder how she has it all together. Here’s the deal, looking like you have it all together, and actually having it all together are two very different things.

Chances are girlfriend is exhausted and overwhelmed just like the rest of us. I’m sure her recycling bin has more wine bottles than water bottles end of every week (just me?). But, she has the right pieces on hand to pull a look together with ease. That’s the only difference between her and the rest of us.

One of those pieces is a casual yet still polished shoe. When I found these while pulling for a client last week, I lost my mind, in a good way. Creating a fuss free outfit that can take you from the kids school, to a mid week lunch to Friday night drinks at your neighbors requires a little bit of thought. Your go-to sneaker can be appropriate, but not all the time and most slip-ons are a little too … I don’t know … stuffy? They never look quiet right.

Jeans for Curves

Client Pick: Jeans for Curves

Before you think I lost my mind, or unsubscribe, hear me out.

These jeans were “designed” by Khloe Kardashian. They are available at Nordstrom and when I first saw them; I rolled my eyes – hard. While I’ve been known to have a good Kardashian binge-a-thon on days where I choose zoning out as a coping mechanism for a particularly stress filled day, I would never, ever put their apparel in the dressing room of a client.

  • A simple, classic sheath (currently 50% off) is a wardrobe workhorse. Today on the blog see how we make it work for the office now and in the cold weather. Follow the link in profile. All designers and retailers are tagged!

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