Must Have Pieces

The New Maxi Dress

When I started to think about multifunctional items, my mind went right to the maxi dress. I love the ease of a maxi, and for what I need they seem perfect, but the cut of so many of them do not work for me.

White Jeans

Must Have Piece: White Jeans You Can’t See Through

White jeans. The elusive wardrobe staple that, when done well, can make any outfit crisp and fresh. They both dress up and give a casual vibe to any look. Of course, finding a pair that fits properly and isn’t entirely see through feels almost impossible. Years ago I found a now discontinued pair of white designer jeans at an outlet (for like $40) that I wore until they were threadbare. I would have paid an absurd amount of money to replace them. I tried on every pair of white jeans in every store I frequent with no luck.

Chelsea28 Scalloped Suede Jacket

Must Have Piece: Suede and Scalloped Blazer

Blazers are a staple in my spring wardrobe. I wear them to death. My go-to is a fitted, one button, slim cut that I usually pair with jeans and also ankle pants. This year, I’d like to add a few more that have a different shape and feel to avoid getting bored in the next few months.

  • Softball Saturday’s have officially begun. #softball #coachdad #spring

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