How to Dress for Fall When It’s Warm Out

How to Dress for Fall when it's still Warm

We’ve received many questions in the past few weeks about how to dress for fall when it’s warm out. Learning how to dress in layers is helpful for when the season changes. It’s also important if you spend time in an office with temperatures that range from Dante’s Inferno to Elsa’s Ice Castle on any given day.

The biggest mistake I see women make when trying to get dressed in varying temperatures is using the wrong kind of layers. Either the layers are too thin, too thick, or inappropriate for the current season. Let’s start with the latter, because it’s the easiest to understand and fix.

This Season’s Most Affordable Fall Coats

Affordable Fall Coats

With busy schedules and changing weather, we need more fall coat options than any other time of year. In my rotation I have: a casual barn coat, a field jacket, a classic trench, a sporty waterproof option, a denim jacket, and a vest. Once the weather gets cold, I like having a pea coat, 3/4 length dress coat, and a serious, all weather puffer.

For today, we’ll focus on the fall, featuring my favorite, affordable options currently available in stores, all under $200.