Work From Home Wardrobe Essentials

Work from Home

If you’ve worked from home for longer than a few weeks you know it comes with positives and negatives. Eliminating your daily commute, access to your kitchen, a flexible schedule, and the occasional mid-week lunch date are totally fantastic. But it’s not all fun and games. It takes a tremendous amount of self-discipline to sit down and log a 6 – 7 hour work day, every day.

The ability to throw a load of laundry before the start of the day turns into a few hours of folding, and they you have to put it away, and next thing you know you’re taking a quick nap, and then the day is over. This slippery slope was one of my motivations to move my office out of the house. I worked from home for ten years, so it was time to move on. But, despite the distractions, the flexibility was one of the reasons I was able to build my businesses while my kids were little.

I’ve learned a few tips along the way that helped me stay productive, like writing down the three items I MUST accomplish each day, turning off email notifications when I was trying to get through a tedious task, not eating lunch at my desk, and setting regular office hours.

Perhaps the most useful daily practice was getting up, taking a shower, and getting dressed for the day. Genius, right? One would think this would be obvious, but not when you work from home. It’s too easy to roll into your office in your pajamas and realize at 5 pm you never changed. There were days I would work out in the morning, and not even think to shower until mid afternoon – gross, but true. Once I got into the habit of getting dressed, my day felt more organized.

Wear to Work: 6 Knit Jackets for Spring

Knit Jackets

This time of year I am often on the hunt for lightweight jacket options that have professional polish but work for the warmer weather. Knit jackets traditionally either teetered on the matronly side, looking more dated than modern or cost thousands of dollars (I’m looking at you St. John). This year, I’ve found several I love, at much better price points that will pull your look together while still being comfortable. Think of these as the perfect hybrid between a formal jacket and a cardigan.

Wear to Work: Poppy Pants

Poppy Pants

This morning was the first time it felt like spring. I was up around 5:30 for a 6 am workout and noticed it was getting bright as I walked into the studio. By the time I left, there was that undeniable crispness in the air, and birds chirping. I love that feeling when it’s lovely out and early enough in the day to be optimistic.

Now is the time of year when dark colors and thick sweaters start to weigh us down. We want fresh and bright pieces that complement the season. The spring and summer are probably the most challenging seasons regarding getting dressed because it’s harder to layer. But with the right pieces, in seasonal fabric, you can still look pulled together while being appropriate for the season.

Today we focused on a pant that provides a pop of color. You can’t go wrong with a bright coral, especially when worn away from your face. In this case, a polished ankle pant with a flat front works with more traditional elements. Vince Camuto always makes a trend right piece, in high-quality fabric, at reasonable price point. These are currently on sale for $56.00.

Wear to Work: Army Green

Army Green Work Outfit

Taking an edgy, highly styled look and recreating it in a more practical and wearable way is the reason I started our weekly Wear to Work posts. I make the assumption that everyone’s work looks different, so I try to present a variety of ideas so that even if you are not going to an office, or have a less than traditional career, you can get a little inspiration. I would wear this outfit to meet a client, grab a coffee with a colleague or even for a girls brunch on Sunday.

The elements seem straightforward, but some subtle nuances make it modern. Let’s start with the pants. I’ve had a few clients want to try a version of the high-waisted-tie-cargo-pant, and each time the experiment ends in hysterics. It’s a tough look to pull off. There is a lot of fabric, the tie belt gets in the way of everything, and they give you droopy butt syndrome. If you know you can pull it off, give these by Trouve a try, if you want the toned down version, these cargos by Joie serve the same purpose. I wear them all the time.

Wear to Work: Preppy Meets Feminine

pleated skirt and button up blouse

Classic professional staples + a feminine skirt = a fresh and polished look for work. Transition dressing from winter to spring can be tricky. You want to look finished, not bare too much, but don’t need all the layers you maybe were wearing just a few weeks ago. For this look, I took pieces you may already own and paired it with a skirt that is specific for the spring.

Simple pieces, paired with a little thought, can look so gorgeous. I needed two key elements to recreate this look: the button down shirt and the skirt. You have a few options with the shirt; I went with LL Bean. Their items are affordable and high quality, and they also have a size range that includes everyone: petite, missy and plus. For $50 it’s an easy piece to pick up. If you have a version from Brookes Brothers or J Crew, they would work as well.