12 Valentines Gifts to Purchase Yourself

Valentine's Gifts to Purchase Yourself

I’ve never been one to celebrate Valentine’s Day with any level enthusiasm. In my book, it’s always been a b-level “holiday.” manufactured to sell cards. But over the years, my cynicism subsided, and I’ve learned to embrace it a bit more. These days, instead of price fixed menus at over crowded restaurants, we celebrate with our girls with heart shaped pancakes in the morning and red velvet cupcakes before bed. I also like to drop a few small gifts in the mail to some of my favorite friends and maybe pick something up for myself.

Loungewear Essentials

Loungewear Essentials

When I was first married, I self-righteously declared to myself and anyone who would listen, that I would never be caught dead in sweats. I actually made a no sweats rule for the first few years of my marriage. It worked, for a while.

By our fifth anniversary, I was a new mom, and very happily rocking my mom sweats. The demands on women are endless, and sometimes, you do what you have to do to get through the day. My initial thought, though woefully misguided, was filled with pure intentions. I wanted to take care of myself, feel pulled together, and look cute for myself and my hubby. I thought it would help keep our spark alive. But, those first few years with babies are rough.

Day to day life now is easier. Our little family is massively more independent so I can take a shower every day without interruption.