Fashion Friday: Under $100 Ladylike Handle Bag

Ladylike Bag

Our first collection featured a few well priced, casual, faux leather handbags. The entire inventory sold out in a day, so did the reorder, and from the third reorder, only one cross body bag remains. When I started our spring buy, I knew I wanted a few more handbags and was THRILLED to find these simple, ladylike bags, made of real leather, for well under $100 price point.

I bought them in classic black, red for a pop of color and white. I like white in the springtime. It reminds me of being a kid on Easter and my mom dressing me up in a bonnet, white gloves, and a tiny white bag. Today you could wear it to any shower or brunch event on your calendar. It would look especially lovely with this floral dress we featured that many of you ordered last week.

Chic in Camo

Camo Shirt

So today I’m spending a little time in the office with the windows open, prepping for our March deliveries. This camouflage tee arrived last week, and it’s just what I want to be wearing this weekend. It’s soft and shapely, and super lightweight so that you can layer it with your vests and barn jackets. I already grabbed one for myself.