How to Wear a Bodysuit


You may have noticed; bodysuits are back in a big way. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to them, figuring it was a fad brought to us by the Kardashians. But then I started getting texts and emails from customers and readers asking if it was “okay” to wear them, so I took a closer look.

Spring Picks at Henri Bendel

Henri Bendel

There’s one thing that will get me out of bed and at the mall before it opens on a Sunday and that is Brunch at Henri Bendel. This past Sunday Lauren hosted another shopping event at Henri Bendel in the King of Prussia mall. It was just what I needed after a professionally busy and personally crummy week. As I walked through the quiet mall, I could hear my best friend Neen’s distinct Australian laugh (you can’t miss it). Once there, a lovely young man handed me an oversized mimosa, and as I inhaled sipped it, I felt instantly better.

Client Pick: Wear Everywhere Cardigan

Client Pick Chiffon Cardigan

While I pulled back on working with new clients, every now and then someone super cool calls and it’s hard to say no. It’s nice to find myself in a place, after 10 years of taking every project that came my way, whether I wanted to do it or not, to finally be more selective about clients. It’s a win – win. I’m happy and enjoying my work again so the client gets the best of me, and therefore, the best result.

This week I worked with a fantastic woman, who is just down to earth and fun. I so appreciated where she was in life. She had her babies, moved a few times, transitioned from working outside to inside the home and, as a result, had nothing to wear.

Sound familiar?

The Elusive Navy Wool Jacket

Chic of the Week: Nordstrom Collection 'Ariso' Interlock Knit Double Breasted Jacket

A few days ago, I was at Nordstrom pulling pieces for one of my favorite clients. I was on the hunt for a few higher quality, classic pieces to updated her existing wardrobe. If you ever find it difficult to find updated basics, you’re not alone. I do this for a living and am always frustrated by the lack of selection for grown up women. Luckily, we did find a few strong pieces, including this simple, yet stunning navy blue double breasted wool jacket.