Last Call and Giveaway

Last Call and Giveaway

If you are local to the Philadelphia area, save the date for our first ever Pop-Up Shop on Friday, May 5th, at Old City Collective. Additional details will follow. Since it’s Cinco de Mayo, we’ll have margarita’s and other treats, you can stop by for a drink, say “hi,” and shop. I’m in the process of bringing in items that will only be available at the shop in addition to our new spring collection that will launch in the next few weeks.

I decided to host a giveaway with the last bit of existing merchandise we have in the store, to make room for all the fresh and pretty spring pieces arriving. Here’s how it will work, anyone who makes a purchase between today and Monday (March 13th) will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate for the store. Winner will contacted on Tuesday with a gift card code.

New Arrival: Field Jacket

I am having such fun finding new items and categories for the store. As I go through a lot of awful merchandise options, I keep in mind a few things: practicality, style and price point. With so many readers, I know we’re serving a broad range of budgets. I’m super focused on creating a retail space where everything is treated with kid gloves. So regardless of if our price points are easily affordable, or are a considered purchase, you get a lovely, high quality item, beautifully packaged that will bring you value and enhance your personal style.

Business Update and March Appointments Now Available

Business News

One of my first business coaches taught me to view my business as a series of spinning plates. Think of each of your revenue generating categories as a plate. Your job is to take that plate, throw it on a stick, and keep it spinning. Once you reach a comfort level spinning the first plate, you add another, and then another, until you have half a dozen or so plates spinning at once. When all the plates are spinning, you go back to the first and make it spin faster. You move like this until you take your business to scale. The concept has been a guidepost for me over the years with 2017 proving to be the year we have all the plates spinning at once.

It’s been an exhilarating few weeks with lots of exciting news on the business development front. Today I’m sharing an update on the status of some of our plans and a few new announcements.

Coming Fall 2017

Ladies, today, is the day.

I am thrilled to announce that in September of 2017 we will open the doors to our very first women’s clothing store. This flagship boutique will be approximately 1400 square feet and will cater to our core clients and blog readers. The merchandise mix will be a reflection of the over ten years of data we have on the needs of busy, professional women with a touch of my personal style perspective thrown in for good measure.

Having a store has been my dream since I was a teenager and was reinforced during and after college when I was the GM and buyer for Suzanne Roberts, a fabulous boutique that used to be at 11th and Walnut Street in Philadelphia. Inspired by my time there, I started Kristel Closets, Inc. because I wanted to do something but didn’t have the capital or experience to open my own space.

We have been working for months gathering information, researching, and planning the transition both for the business and my family. I haven’t told many people, but the reaction from the people I have told has been nothing but overwhelmingly excited and positive. All of the support we have already received has carried me for the past few months and made this process more fun than stressful.

I know there will be many questions, so to keep this organized, I’m answering as many as I can think of below. If you have more, please include them in the comments below.